Etheremon Has Us Mesmerized! Will This Leave Bitcoin Behind?

They say blockchain is the next big thing after the internet. It’s taken over the gaming industry like rapid fire. The launch of CryptoKitties (a blockchain based game) had people go gaga over them.

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Ever since then, the gaming industry hasn’t stopped. It has been in motion and it doesn’t intend to stop. After all, the blockchain technology has provided the gaming industry with a whole new space to create games which are more efficient and secure.

So, what does the gaming industry have for us this time?


What The Hell Is Etheremon?

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To state the obvious, its a blockchain based game. But, its no ordinary game okay? Its the first game paving the way for an era of Game 3.0. It has created a world of Etheremons (Mons) where the user can capture, train, transform and trade them with other users. Cool isn’t it?

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That’s not all folks! It’s a game which is going to provide it’s users with all new experience. It’s a combination of the blockchain and Virtual Reality technology. The two ground-breaking technology have come together to provide all the game-junkies with an exciting and riveting experience no one has ever gone through before. You will own the mons, they’ll be in your control and no one can steal them from you no matter what. The fun bit? You will be able to see them operate just like in the real world. It’ll be an experience like never before.

The Mons Have Significant Value

Etheremon is a decentralized space. Where all the values created belong to no one else but the users themselves. User can create value from Etheremon in two ways:

  • Train mons and then sell them for profit

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The mons can be trained, the more you train them the more they are in value. You can even train your mons to evolve and then they can lay eggs. Mons are also limited in supply. Once they are all sold in the game store, they will be only available in the trade market which means they will have more value with time.

  • Mine Emont token

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The interesting thing is, playing Etheremon gives its users to mine in crypto. Yeap! It’s possible. The crypto you’ll be mining in is EMONT which is an ERC-20 token and is capped at 20 million tokens. So, the earlier you joining Etheremon the more yoy can mine EMONTs. The accumulation of EMONTs brings its users more value because the users can trade them for Ether or can use them in the game depending. It’s all up-to the user. Once EMONT becomes the only currency which could be used in the game. The increasing demand of the EMONT will increase the value of the tokens held by the user.

How Can You Play?

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The game is a no-brainer. It’s fun, you get to own your mons and you get to experience the world of virtual reality. If you’re willing to play, you’ll need some Ether. Etheremon runs on the Ethereum platform. Anyone who is willing to play needs Ether to step into the Etheremon world. There is also a small transaction fee that needs to be paid in Ether. It’s easy to but some Ether, its available at crypto exchanges in your country.

Etheremon is a game which is taking the gaming industry into a completely new and contemporary direction. The user can mine crypto, own the mons, train them at the gyms, build castles, trade their mons and it’ll be like a real world experience. It’s a game which is already creating a lot of buzz and many crypto-enthusiasts are willing to join in on the hype.

So, what are you waiting for? Start playing and join the Etheremon world!

Maira Zaheer

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