EOS Reddit: What does Tim Sweeney have to say?

This week in the EOS subreddit, redditors have been hyped about EOS Knights being one of the top popular blockchain games; meanwhile LiquidApps introduced an extensive platform called the DAPP Network; the talks on multiple dApps migrating to EOS intensify, while Tim Sweeney makes a notable presence on cryptotwitter, and an introduction to Kyber Network’s new project: the Waterloo Bridge is made.

Here is a quick review.

EOS Knights on Top

Blockchain games have gotten popularity, especially due to the fact, that gamers in this scope can make a bit of coin by mere play of games. EOS knights which is built upon the EOS blockchain now stands as one of the most liked games in the blockchain games collection. The game is like any other: collect materials, craft items, get pets, and trade in market to make knights stronger, except that in EOS Knights, you can actually earn real EOS by selling your virtual items.

Among other popular crypto/blockchain games are CryptoKitties and the World of Ether.

Introducing the DAPP Network

LiquidApps just went live with the DAPP Network. Meant for the developers on the EOS Mainnet, the Network allows these developers a new version of RAM called a vRAM which cuts down developmental costs, a big proportion of which was earlier used to buy RAM by developers working on EOS blockchain. According to the LiquidApp medium blog: “With the DAPP Network, dApp developers have the potential to access extra storage capacity, secure communication services, and other critical utilities that could make the development of dApps substantially easier and more affordable.”

EOS Migration

EOS competing has been competing fairly well lately, much of the reason for this is that many dApps are migrating to the EOS blockchain. Just last week, people were very quick to note that Effect.ai might be moving to the EOS Mainnet, a few days ago, they made an official announcement that, they indeed were moving to EOS in April. On reddit, has been posted another list dApps which are likely or are rumored to be migrating to the EOS blockchain. In the list some the notable dApps include: WAX, Tixico, Unico, Medipedia, Sense chat, Everipedia among many others.

Founder of Epic Games Backs EOS

On a twitter thread, shared on the EOS subreddit, is seen a deep discussion on why EOS might or might not be that great. As it seems so, the founder of Epic Games and also the creator of the ever famous Fortnite, Tim Sweeney participate in the discussion quite actively.

Waterloo – a bridge between EOS and Ethereum

A project by Kyber Network called Waterloo offers a way to connect two very powerful blockchains: EOS and Ethereum. According to the blog of Kyber Network, the Waterloo bridge is “ an efficient and fully decentralized way to implement an EOS light client as an Ethereum smart contract, and an Ethereum light client as an EOS smart contract.” This is being to “enable cross-chain communication between the two blockchains”  allowing assets to be transfered assets from Ethereum to EOS and vice versa.



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