EOS Reddit: Effect.ai possibly migrating to EOS?

Things with EOS seem rather positive lately; much has been happening around it: an EOS user returns a heavy amount realizing that the transaction made was faulty; Block.one announces that it would release its first product in a weeks time; Effect.ai is plausibly migrating to EOS; Bredan Blumer expresses his opinion on the attitude of the government towards blockchain and crypto; over 2000 EOS accounts get recovered, and EOS experiences a 16% of an increase in its price.

Here is an overview.

An EOS account returns 103K EOS

EOS made a public twitter poster praising an account named australia123, which apparently received a huge amount of EOS, 103,000 EOS unexpectedly, but decided to return it back.

Block.One Expected to Release its First Product Soon

The company behind EOS, Block.one is set to release its first product in the coming week, according to the post made on reddit. According to the post, Brendan Blumer, the CEO of Block.one said: ” we are moving material through comms and legal as fast as possible, we’re expecting next week for the first piece.”

Effect.ai migrating to EOS?

In a blog post by Effect.ai, a project that provides artificial intelligence services on a decentralized network, . released an update. Further below, in the post, the company shared a picture of their website. Viewers have been quick to spot that the word blockchain on the small image of the website was represented by the EOS logo. Redditors have been quick to conclude that the project is migrating to EOS from NEO.

CEO Block.one makes solid tweets

The CEO of Block.one, Brendan Blumer has taken to Twitter to make some remarks on the government and their approach towards blockchain.

2000+ EOS users gain access to their accounts

In a tweet, EOS Authority revealed that with the help of EOS Argentina, they were able to recover over 2000 EOS accounts via the ‘unregistered’ process. Updates regarding the process are said to be revealed at a later date.

EOS Going Good

Over the past few days, EOS has seen a rise of about 16% in its price; as of writing the price of EOS is USD $2.86, while seven days ago, it was at USD $2.34. This rise has been credited to the new projects migrating to EOS.



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