EOS Global Hackathon Kicks off in London

The EOS global hackathon that inaugurated in Hong Kong to bring together most innovative minds from a number of regions to create numerous application based on the EOSIO technology to compete, is being held today in London, Exhibition Road, Kensington. This hackathon has been held in Hong Kong as well as in Sydney previously. The contest in London will span over 2 days including today. Participants will be designing decentralized applications to improve the relationship between technology and a user’s privacy or security in EOSIO to contribute to building a secure and transparent decentralized future.

The participants are being allotted a whole day to create their project from scratch and are prohibited from building an application on top of pre-written code. A team can consist of no more than 5 and will also have completely ownership of their product. A few breakout sessions and workshops are also scheduled to be conducted. In addition, the premises shall remain open throughout the night for coders. The coders are bound to submit their innovation by tomorrow and will also conduct a presentation to introduce their creation. The closing ceremony will be preceded by the announcement of the winners and finalists.

Each project will be evaluated by keeping a number of features in consideration that includes how a problem could be efficiently be solved by incorporating a decentralized platform. The creativity of the solution as well as its real life application and its scalability will also be taken into account. Individual winners of EOS hackathons taking place in distinct cities will be rewarded cash prizes ranging from $100,000 to $3000.

The winners will be picked out by the judges namely Brendan Blumer the CEO of and Dan Larimer the CTO of Other personnel from judging the competition includes Lee Schneider the General Counsel. Christian Angermayer, the founder of Apeiron Investment Group is also one among many others.

Although the results of the hackathon being held in London will be announced tomorrow and the winners will be awarded, EOS hackathon being global will conclude after being held in San Francisco. The date that has been announced is December 8 but venue remains yet undecided. The grand Finale will be conducted among winners of the individually held hackathons and the winner will claim a grand prize worth half a million dollars.

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