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Elon Musk Leaving The Post Of Director Tesla, Distributing Bitcoins For Many, Approved By Twitter Though Being Fake

A fake situation erupts as twitter approves a post describing Elon Musk retiring from the post of directorate for Tesla which he took from a mere scratch to the gigantic venture that it is today. The statement had all of folks astounded as it was not the real Elon Musk but a random person who impersonated Musk. Though it would seem we are way off topic here but the fact is the person promised to distribute a certain amount of bitcoins for the people. This will be likely ring as a decent piece of news, the thing is the perpetrator either belongs to the crypto family, knows that Musk sided with the cryptos on every occasion or simply intends to issue cryptos an indecent name. A crypto analyst Joseph Young has mentioned the situation is his words as BlockPublisher got addressed.

Elon Musk possibly leaving Tesla as director leaving a tremendous amount of bitcoins for the fans is quite generous and out of the world. It even sounds great being a fake statement.

The cryptos have always been the centre of attention for majority of people, with tons of celebrities siding with the digital assets bearing thoughts that this financial means will eventually soar to ultimate success. With cheerers come the critics who have always been not so kind in explaining cryptos for the breakthrough that it is. The Musk situation has been branded as the possible bitcoin scam that was put out the moment it was ignited.

Elon Musk has a history of bouts with the incumbent authorities, SEC specifically when he bashed the authority for being way strict over the cryptos and neglecting the potential that the assets carried. This rebellious attitude landed him to the situation where he was given a choice to cut a deal with the authorities or to leave Tesla as the director. Though leaving your own company stings awfully, Musk made it clear that the other option was equivalent to be put down to sleep for good never to resurface.

This leaves the cryptos again under a serious threat of a scam. Being theorist, the crypto enthusiasts have gathered the information ending up with the fact the there are some people who do not want to see the cryptos flourish and see the light of another day. This is obviously hurting for the ones who are continuously striving for the cryptos to surface as the supplant of the fiats.

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