Elon Musk and Jackson Palmer up to Fixing the Twitter Scam Spammer Problem

A couple of days ago, the all-time famous Elon Musk decided to finally call it quits with crypto scams. He tweeted to the founder of Dogecoin, Jackson Palmer, seeking his kind assistance with the nerve wrecking tricks of scam bots. He tweeted:

Just three minutes later, Jackson Palmer, being quick on his toes instantly replied to him to contact him via direct messages (DM).


Perhaps, both of the famous figures are Twitter-holics, or may be the scam bot issue is tussling with Musk’s mind a bit too much, as it seems that Musk immediately DMed Palmer. 17 minutes former to Palmer’s earlier reply, Palmer made an update in the replies, informing the rest of the tweeting community about their quick chat on how the CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey and his team at Twitter should resolve the issue, also mentioning that Musk was handed over the script. Hopefully Musk will not be targeted by these ill scams anymore.


The script handed over to Musk will have Musk’s account avoid any of these scams. As defined by Palmer, it will effectively remove the accounts involved in scamming activities. Early in the next day, Palmer also replied:

“The script should result (and has been with many users running it) in Twitter promptly shadowbanning and then removing the accounts. It’s a very simple solution but it’s been working for months.”

Crypto scams are a real issue on Twitter, to which many have fallen a prey to. Fake accounts of many famous personalities like Elon Musk have been used to trick users to gain crypto coins. These accounts impersonate as influential Twitter accounts. When the verified accounts tweet something, these fake accounts are quick to post in the replies that they are giving away a huge amount pf crypto coins in exchange for transferring a small amount of crypto currency to a certain address.

These scammers have indeed given many notable people on Twitter a tough time. Some of these people have even changed their name to a one that would make their followers aware, that they should not engage in any crypto activity being carried out in their name. The most notable example of this the founder of the Ethereum Network, Vitalik Buterin, who uses a twitter account by the name of “Vitalik Non-giver of Ether“.

Elon Musk and Jackson Palmer up to fixing the Twitter Scam Spammer problem
Elon Musk and Jackson Palmer up to fixing the Twitter Scam Spammer problem

Perhaps, with Palmer making a name drop to the Twitter’s CEO, Jack Dorsey on a tweet that went viral, tweeters out there can hope for an end to these annoying scams.

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