Eight Bitcoin & Ethereum Jacking Apps Removed From Microsoft’s Online Store

This just in; Microsoft has removed a total of 8 hostile crypto jacking apps from its official store after the Symantic team alerted the organization that these apps were draining app user’s CPU power in order to mine Monero (XMR).

This vital information was given to Microsoft by Symantic on the 17th of January. However, the removal of these 8 malicious apps was only reported through a blog post posted yesterday which reads,

“On January 17, [Symantic] discovered several potentially unwanted applications (PUAs) on the Microsoft Store that surreptitiously use the victim’s CPU power to mine cryptocurrency. We reported these apps to Microsoft and they subsequently removed them from their store.”

According to the blog spot, apps on the illustrious list included the most downloaded ones such as internet search and web browsers, battery optimization tools and even those to view and download videos.  Coincidentally, all 8 apps can be sourced to three major developers which are Findoo, DigiDream and  1clean.

According to the security firm, it is highly likely that all three developers are linked somehow as the apps were all published between April and December of 2019.

Here’s a list of the now removed applications!

  • VPN Browser+
  • Findoo Browser
  • Fast-search Lite
  • Downloader for YouTube Videos
  • Batter Optimizer (Tutorials)
  • FastTube
  • Clean Master+ (Tutorials)
  • Findoo Mobile and Desktop Search


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