EAK Digital Launches EAK TV On YouTube to Feature Blockchain’s Biggest Interviews

London-based blockchain PR agency EAK Digital has launched an exclusive YouTube channel to feature exclusive content from blockchain’s biggest names from all corners of industries and conferences. The channel team has attended renowned blockchain conferences and events in the past year and have interviewed some of the most influential names in the space.

Founder and CEO EAK Digital, who is also the host of EAK TV Erhan Korhaliller spoke at length with BlockPublisher regarding EAK’s aim behind the launch of the YouTube platform. He revealed that:

We have launched EAK TV in order to showcase the very best of the blockchain industry through thought-provoking discussion in a 1 on 1 style format allowing us to cut through the noise and go straight to the source. Gaining exclusive access to the most influential thought leaders in the space further positions EAK Digital as the leading Blockchain Marketing and PR agency.

Recently, a part of the Delta Summit in Malta and the Blockchain Shift in Miami, Erhan secured interviews with a few of the most well-renowned names of the blockchain and crypto world. These names include Bitcoin prodigy Roger Ver, Johnson Chen of smart asset firm NEO, CEO Binance Changpeng Zhao and Silvio Schembri, Parliamentary Secretary for Malta.

Since launch in 2016, EAK Digital has managed to create public relations and content market strategy for a number of international blockchain companies. The YouTube podcast will also aim to connect the user base and community with the most notable names in the blockchain space present at different conferences and seminars. This will be done through crowdsourcing questions from their Twitter platform, as Erhan revealed:

Moving forwards, EAK TV will be crowdsourcing questions using the EAK Digital Twitter channel at a number of upcoming blockchain conferences in order to involve the blockchain community as much as possible.

Interviews with several officials from the Malta Summit have been posted on EAK TV and their channel can be found here.

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