Duke University Is Teaming Up With A Blockchain Startup To Develop Blockchain Program

The union between blockchain and educational institutions is a beautiful one and this recent collaboration between blockchain based start up, Citizens Reserve and Duke University sounds pretty exciting. As per a report by CoinDesk, the two are teaming together to develop an educational platform that will inculcate love for the cryptoverse among students.

In a statement to  CoinDesk on Friday, the Citizens Reserve which is run by a group of former Deloitte blockchain employees said, that the aim is to get students into the blockverse by getting them engaged with real life blockchain based projects and get them to go to blockchain event via a new incubation lab on the Duke campus.

However, that’s not all as Citizens Reserve is also planning to add blockchain on the university’s curriculum and make it a part of university portfolio which will also help them link students with industry experts and professionals. This is a great way for potential blockchain students to find the appropriate jobs in the future.

According to chief innovation officer at Citizens Reserve, Yonathan Lapchik, “As a Duke MBA alumnus, I am excited to spearhead this program, and help the next generation of blockchain advocates and leaders succeed.”

He further added,

“Many industries, including finance, supply chain, and healthcare, are already exploring the potential of blockchain technology, so it is more important than ever to provide students with the tools needed to develop the skills, connections, and knowledge employers will seek from tomorrow’s workforce.”

Although Duke university already offers a blockchain 101 course titled “Innovation and Cryptoventures since 2014, this is a massive step forward inh establishing the university as a leader in blockchain technology.

As per the Citizens Reserve announcement, the developed and launched a platform in September that deals with supply chain issues called SUKU which is based on the Quorum and Ethereum blockchains.  Students that participate within the program will be able to get hands on experience with real crypto projects.

The firm also added that, “The lab will come equipped with tools, such as mining rigs, that will enable students to explore various blockchain mechanisms.” A finance professor at Duke, Campbell Harvey, is set to serve as faculty adviser for the program.

According to Harvey,

“It is crucial that academic institutions be willing to collaborate with thought leaders in the blockchain industry, and we look forward to working with Citizens Reserve in this regard. Duke is very proactive in external collaborations and we are excited about the opportunity for our students to get hands on, industry-relevant experience.”

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