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Dr. Craig S. Wright Intends to Being the Simplicity Factor Back With Reinstating SPV As The Means To Verify Blockchain Transactions

Dr. Craig S. Wright strikes again with keeping Satoshi’s vision for a crypto intact at least to the extent that inspires him. He suggests that the time is finally upon us when we have to dump the latest complex ways to verify a blockchain transaction sticking to the genesis version of verification process. Dr. Craig proposes that we must go way back to the SPV systems where one just has to have a client verify the crypto transaction without downloading the entire blockchain data. This would previously be a great deal of crisis for the ones who wants to transact much lesser than what the drudgery is worth. Dr. Craig S. Wright is going to come up with his version of the bitcoin, termed as the Bitcoin SV which features the excelling in ways Satoshi Nakamoto proposed and envisaged an ideal cryptocurrency or merely a digital asset. BlockPublisher jumped into the mix in order to excavate some comments from the relevant people about the very discourse including the likes of Dr. Craig himself.

As obvious from the hint in the whitepaper, we are going to establish the SPV system in 2019, in order to verify the transactions without bearing the difficulty of downloading the entire blockchain. The system will be fast, efficient plus reliable to extreme extents.

The SPV system or Simplified Payment Verification System is the exact way Dr. Craig Wright intend to incorporate into his system as he foresee that this is the simplest advancement which can propel the cryptos into the next step where basic safety would not be a problem. The system is set to provide the data safety and a fool-proof system to ensure the transactions run decently and elegantly.

Dr. Craig Wright also strikes with another statement of his stating that though we have much to cover, we have a little time at our disposal and we must intend so as to make the most out of it.

There is no more time. Clearly, it seems that the simplest things are hardest. SPV is P2P and has no server

There has been much speculations whether Dr. Craig has produced a whitepaper of his own or has just referred to the original bitcoin one. This was also inquired from the father of the bitcoin cash’s forked progeny, the bitcoin SV. Though Dr. Craig does not disclose that if he will come out with a whitepaper of his own in the future, he does confirm that he has been referring to the original bitcoin whitepaper all along.

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