Discord Is Much Better Than Telegram!

Discord is the best thing that could happen for the blockchain community!

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You know what Telegram is right? Discord is much better than that. It’s a communication application. It’s a safe place for various communities to get together and easily interact with each other. The app is available on your desktop and obviously your mobile phones. It has all the necessary features: chat lobby, voice chats and message boards. You name it!

Perfect for the Blockchain Community

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Everyone knows Telegram is dominated by crypto-communities. Everyone knows how it works. However, Discord is not like any other application out there. It has some interesting features and options that other apps don’t have.

Initially, Discord was built for the gaming community. But, its a software with various features specifically designed to bring communities together. Discord has caught the eye of the blockchain world and is becoming more popular than ever!

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There are so many blockchain projects that are looking for ideas and ways to efficiently organize their large communities to avoid stifling through long impossible conversations to read. Let’s face the fact that no one has time to read lengthy as f*ck conversations anymore.

The voice chat feature makes everything even more interesting for everyone as well. Members of the community can listen to other members in real time and it’s a great way to strengthen the bonds of the community. It’ll make things more real and less virtually for everyone!

Reliable AF!

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Discussion on Discord are not lost ever! All messages are kept unlike applications like Slack where messages are lost after 10,000 messages. Plus, its a free service with amazing premium add-ons. The add-ons are totally worth the money. However, the add-ons don’t have a direct impact on the discussions on a server if your’e comfortable with using the free services.

Time To Get Started

It’s time! Visit the the Discord website and claim your account.

All you need to do is:

  1. “Download” or “Open Discord in your Browser”
  2. Type your usernames (it can be whatever you want it be, you can be as creative as you like)
  3. Skip the “create a server” option
  4. Type in your email address (make sure it’s functioning)
  5. Type in a password (something you will remember)
  6. Click on “claim account”

You’re done! You will have your very own user on Discord. It’ll only take you around 2 mins!

The Next Step

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Once you’re all set up. You can create a new Discord all by yourself or simply join another pre-existing server. There are tons of blockchain servers on Discord now. You’ll have to find the one’s you are truly interested in.

The In’s and Out’s

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Discord is extremely user-friendly and it’ll take you a minute or two to figure everything out. There is a servers list you can easily switch between (depending on how many servers you’ve joined.) All you need to is just click on it. Every server has the list of members as well.

There are also lists of categories and channels. Every channel is basically a tiny group for a specific subject. The channels can even be divided into categories to easily find them and navigate in the server.

Another Cool Feature: Create Roles

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There is another cool feature on Discord. Special roles can be created for users. The role holder gets a new text color, special title and maybe unique permissions depending on the admin.

The question is: Are you ready to be a part of the blockchain community on Discord?

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