DEXON Updates its Proof-of-Participation (PoP) Algorithm

DEXON, a platform aimed at providing a complete and easy-to-use framework its users for developing decentralized applications, is in full flow regarding the improvement of its underlying framework of operation. Updates have been made in the design of its Proof-of-Participation (PoP) algorithm and its whitepaper is expected to be updated very shortly.

The requirements for the platform have been finalized alongside the initial user experience by the company. The company is working on testing its consensus algorithm and simulations are being made regarding its working as of now. DEXON is still in its development phase and work is being done in order to improve the throughput and latency across its network.

The initial API design has also been finalized by the team alongside the requirements for the initial version of the wallet and explorer for the blocklattice. Unlike the traditional blockchain architecture, blocklattice contains nodes that have there own blocks to further their own blockchains which are approved by the rest of the blocklattice in order to maintain transparency. A blockchain expands linearly, whereas in the case of a blocklattice, growth is done in a parallel fashion. This approach tackles the issue of scalability that is associated with the blockchain framework as of now.

Besides this, DEXON has also expanded its team with 2 new advisers who have come on board. This step is taken to expand the reach of DEXON platform in order to connect it to more partnerships moving forwards. These advisers include Jim Huang, who is the advisor of Compiler and VM, and Aditya Mishra, who has become the adviser for Investor Relationship Management.

Regarding the team of developers, 2 new full-time developers have come on-board with the DEXON team. In order to make people understand the framework and purpose of DEXON more easily, an information page has also been added by the platform on its website.

DEXON’s major aim is to provide a developing platform to the crypto community for developing decentralized applications (dApps) with goals of increasing scalability, improving the the latency and energy efficiency of its protocol through the blocklattice technology. It provides the developers with the ability to create and deploy dApps with much ease and strives to improve the public adoption of this framework through its permissionless distributed ledger technology (DLT), which is infinitely scalable as the company claims. Decentralized applications surely seem to be the future as we move forward owing to the elimination of third party intervention. Upon inquiry by BlockPublisher about believing that dApps are the future,Thomas Power, board member at 9 Spokes stated that:

Yes I do, provided you have a tokenized payment model for attention

The entire blog post containing all news about the updates being made in the DEXON framework as of now can be found here.

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