Democracy Earth Partners With BlockStack for App Mining Alpha Run

Digital governance firm Democracy Earth has partnered with DApp development platform Blockstack for a test run of Blockstack’s new App Mining initiative. Democracy Earth provides governance plans for complete decentralization of app mining and aims to empower networks to fully benefit from their resource channels.

App Mining is a new platform for DApp developers to earn crypto in a way similar to a miner. The process directly funds developers whom’s apps create valuable output on the Blockstack platform. The initial run, aided by Democracy Earth was reported to be a good sign of things to come.

Blockstack’s Head of Growth, Patrick Stanley discussed the role Democracy Earth plays to help the App Mining initiative and DApp adoption with BlockPublisher. He said:

Democracy Earth provides a community vote with the goal to increase the quality and number of useful decentralized apps so that more people adopt them.

The first test run for voting on DApps on Blockstack network took place from September 27 to October 10. In this pilot run, 15 Blockstack token holders took part and voted across the Blockstack DApps. The results were announced by Democracy Earth as:


Patrick seemed well fond to join hands with Democracy Earth as he put great emphasis on the rights of privacy and transparency. He said:

We should as a community help introduce new ways to track performance, so long as it doesn’t violate the right to privacy, choice, and freedom.

The DApps built on Blockstack are reviewed by a set of independent “App Reviewers” on a monthly basis to determine their rank. Democracy Earth is also a part of their app review team, along with Product Hunt. These app reviewers rank apps and the process to make it more democratized and decentralized. Patrick further described Democracy Earth’s role as:

Democracy Earth functions to over time give more and more of the Blockstack community a voice in choosing the most valuable apps to the ecosystem.

For future prospects over the next year, Patrick reported that they want to move along a path of decentralization towards election of app reviewers, registering apps, aggregating ranking and issuing payouts.

Razi Khan

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