Decisions, Decisions: Can Ethereum Keep Up Or Will It Die In 2019?

Any occasional and recurring reader would know that we do not have a vendetta against bitcoin, ethereum, altcoins or any shit coins as well. We are good people, dedicating streams of work, research and reporting to blockchain and cryptocurrency progress, but is it possible that all of this is only meant to flow into the drains?

After all, shit ends up with shit.

Bitcoin had a slightly topsyturvy year, but what about Ethereum? Why was there such silence over Ethereum last year? While the reporting remained consistent with updates, but all the people analyzing stuff, really got busy trolling the influencers of the industry like Buterin and Musk. All of this love and the currencies still can’t count on anyone to spread in a good word for them, especially Ethereum. Huh, sadness.

Ethereum was top notch, it beat bitcoin to its game, but then fast forward to 2018, ethereum is being flooded with scammy ICO’s and the value is stagnant and not getting anywhere, circulation is low and things are gloomy for the ethereum, for everything except the wonderful cryptokitties that everybody is loving at the moment, and the ever so expansive crypto games splurge.

Perhaps, it was a very topsy turvy year for ethereum. But, lovelies, why is there no momentum for the currency. We all know how its demand is limited because it was the second crypto, while some bitcoin maximalist feel that the only true currency is bitcoin and rest are followers, sheeps, dumb stuff and useless shitty virtual currencies that followed suit to ride bitcoins wave and get something out of it for themselves, like a falsie tag.

We also know that Ethereum as a brand lacks the luster that bitcoin has gotten itself. When people try to make statements, they quote the word bitcoin, even if they want to make a larger impression of referring to the whole ecosystem of cryptos. Ethereum lags in terms of popularity.

Then, the lack of shine and love for ethereum it suddenly became a hit for gamers and game lovers, making it a niche loved item in a preloved environment. So, in 2019, if it does not pull up a really cool performance that is uncanny and the demand offshoots, ethereum may die. It is slow and dusty after all. Nobody like waiting and nobody likes unoriginal ideas, and replicas, so Ethereum has some work to manage perhaps if it is to sustain.

Khunsha Javed

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