Decentraland Price Goes Up 60 Percent After Being Featured On HTC’s New Blockchain Smartphone

Samsung’s progressive move to include blockchain and crypto friendly features to it’s new S10, may have turned quite a few heads but it definitely isn’t the first key player in the smartphone business to delve into the cryptoverse and all that it has to offer.

Now, digital crypto asset firm, Decentraland has announced that it will be collaborating with HTC to develop HTC’s and the world’s first blockchain enabled phone but what’s more interesting is what came next.

After this news was made public, Decentraland’s market price rose a whopping 60% in just a few minutes!

Yes that’s right. The rise was calculated from a measly $0.0363 to approximately $0.0581 in no time and this news came right after Samsung affiliated Enjin Coin received an unbelievable 200% increase as opposed to Bitcoin after it was listed on Samsung’s blockchain wallet.

The smart phone in question, the Exodus 1 was previously launched with a blockchain vault called Zion vault  within the device that allowed users to securely access their digital assets.  Samsung seems to have followed suit after HTC’s launch when they released the Samsung Blockchain Wallet with their new S10.

Surprisingly, Both Samsung and HTC  are opting for more unique cryptos such as Enjin or Decentraland over the more prominent players such as EOS, Litecoin or even Ripple as they believe that blockchain technology is not only limited to transactions and digital ledgers.

Whatever the case, this could means wonders for worldwide crypto adoption as more and more people will not only have access to their private keys via the smartphones but it will also relay the message that cryptos are reliable and trustworthy.

In a statement, Decentraland said, “Both HTC Exodus and Decentraland are committed to redefining the way people manage their identities, privacy, cryptocurrencies, and other virtual possessions online.”

They further added that;

Through EXODUS, HTC is investing in the development and implementation of blockchain tech that will usher in a new era of secure data storage and transactions, and take blockchain technology mobile for the first time.

Zion, your private vault on the blockchain, allows you to conduct crypto transactions, view and manage your crypto collectibles, and manage your crypto life while maintaining ownership of your keys. With your Zion wallet, you can store, send, and request Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, selected ERC-20 tokens, and ERC-721 collectibles.

Besides having a kick ass website, Decentraland has managed to maintain their spot as one of the most consistently performing cryptos along with the likes Bitcoin and Binance Coin and even though the unseemly bear market, Decentraland has held it’s own.

We are excited to see how this partnership goes further down the road and what this move means for crypto adoption!


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