Dear Gaming Enthusiasts and Developers, Here’s a Big Scoop of Future!

Your Dream Come True Moment is Now!

Gamers are undermined as an industry, as a community and as a cultural powerhouse. Although it can be argued that it is one of the most technical, fast-moving and hyperactive industry, the industry is flooded with several bad games with an abundance of the good ones.

But, gamers, i tell you! They are still not satisfied. They are still not adequately fed enough and they could do more anytime. This explains the techno-vention in the industry and the development of thousands of new games each year.

The gaming industry can be categorically divided into various spheres:

  • The mobile gaming industry
  • Android Games
  • Ios Games
  • Computer Games
  • Online Games
  • Offline Games
  • Portable Gadget Games
  • Console Games – PlayStation and Xbox Ones
  • Game-based Games – Sequels, Prequels, Series, Not depending on the vehicle but on the game cult
  • Pop Culture based Games, The God Father, Tony Hawk Rider and FIFA
  • Stress relieving Games
  • Hyper addictive mania Games

But, for now this will do.

The idea is that there is a game type and game device for all generations, countries, economies, users ages, needs and identities. The gaming industry does not reject people based on their color, creed, race, or skin. The gaming industry knows better.

That is progressive.

The industry is now being over loaded and heavily spammed by an uncontrollable influx of mobile games that develop out of nowhere each year. The proliferation of the internet sped up the process of spreading the concept of electronic games. The access to mobile on a massive scale has opened up people to the love and adaptability of gaming. Leading to a penetration of a large and insane scale.

Without mobiles we can not picture people playing Paper Toss, Infinity Loop or Fruit Mania in subways, at coffee houses, during lunch hours, during meeting, in waiting queues, in boring classes, in holiday season, at bars and where not.

Now the third baby that will pump, pump, pump the industry has come out and it is changing the way the developers of games are seeing their world. This is quite literally, a game-changing moment in history.

Electronic sports has long suffered the recognition, love and support from the makers as well as the global critics because they felt that something was missing and now that something is here. It is called Blockchain. Blockchain will allow games to be monetized in a fashion that people can make money out of it, the gamers can be rewarded, the promised bounty in games to have some actual meaning, blurring the difference between hyper reality and reality. This is a big gigantic good ass step in the direction of the games of tomorrow.

Share your vision with us, tell us would you play? Tell us are you interested? Tell us are you aware?


Khunsha Javed

A Filmmaker, PR enthusiast & Editor of BlockPublisher-Unfiltered. I like things that make my brain tingle. Email: khunsha@blockpublisher.com or editor.unfiltered@blockpublisher.com

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