Dating Apps join the Crypto Cult

Online dating was looked down upon back in the early days. It was considered hitting rock bottom and most people would try it in desperate need. But as social media grew its outreach, people got tied up in their phones; the only way to stay in touch.

Under the false pretense of being more connected via social media, it gave birth to dating apps and soon enough people started swiping left and right. Users would give off their best impression and connect with people. As you can hide behind a semi-veil of anonymity, people found this easier.

With the traditional model of dating apps, it had a lot of problems. So people started introducing blockchain to the equation to overcome some hurdles. Keeping the inherent incentives of blockchain in mind, it is sure to give a better experience to its users.

The Transparency

One of the most out-there issues was undoubtedly this. If you’re using dating apps, then you need to have some sort of blind trust in the person you’re going on a date with. Who knows if they are some cannibal or a serial killer or even worse… someone who puts milk before cereal in their bowl… I can’t even imagine the horror.

The reason why much of the problem can be combatted with blockchain is that, that it can play a large role in verifying users’ identities while maintaining the option of privacy. Moreover, the reward system could encourage users to be more transparent.

Better Matchmakers

Turns out that blockchain can play a better matchmaker when it comes to dating.

When it comes to going digital, the problem is that you are pretty much alone. You can’t find anyone you can fall back on to a friend, a relative, a colleague or any of your contact. Someone might help you with the setup!

However, with strangers, it is less common than anyone is there to guide you about the person. One such app called Ponder is turning things around as it allows you to play matchmaker. The desi cult is not surprised because we’ve had matchmaking aunties around us since the dawn of time.

I’m even guessing they stole the idea from us.

So, instead of relying on computer algorithms, you can rely on a much humane person to set you up for a blind date. And, in all of this, the matchmaker gets a reward as well, in tokens!

Revamping the Dating Apps

As many sectors continue to experience some sort of change, the threat only increases. The localization of the technology has led to startups being able to untangle some of the main issues that the market has been unable to resolve on its own.

The only solution for companies like Match or eHarmony is to step up their game and endorse this new technology is some way or the other. Putting up a fight won’t help them be successful. These problems can be avoided by them if they act smartly.

Soha Ali

As vanilla as it sounds, a filmmaker in the making. Soha brings the irony out of the crypto world by contributing to the Unfiltered section of BlockPublisher. Contact the editor at editor.unfiltered@blockpublisher.com

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