DateMe, Advertisement Free Dating App in the MeToo Marketplace!

The unsatisfying dating industry known to be one of the most biggest unsatisfying markets around the globe are still a huge $1,383 million worth.

Dating apps are all over the place promising to disrupt the world as we know it. Even non-blockchain based Tinder and Bumble are trying their best to change the dynamics. But, there best is too little, too late for all of us

These dating and matchmaking apps promising to disrupt the world. However, this hasn’t been the reality so far.

The regular apps are designed to keep people on them the longest, so you can remain swiping and your match who is conveniently lost in other matches, is actually designed to remain busy. The apps do nothing but waste your time. They over promise and yes a casual occasional Tinder fling is a good one, but then it is also the home for identity fraud, fake accounts, horrible pranks, unsociable dickpics and unsatiated people.

If people successfully find partners right away then who will view the advertisements after all. No ads? No revenue. Subscriptions will be lost if people get matched right away, what a sad world.

Neither are they smartly designed nor they can be. Dates may stand you up, Tinder would not care, because it can not. Bumble acts to be the female powered feminist network where the woman can take all the actions, but not all men there can be feminists and their lack of feedback and rating systems allow trolls to troll all day long because they have the most time to waste out of all people combined.

By the virtue of being blockchain based so many dating apps are changing the scene now. There is LoveBlock, Luna and now DateMe that i am obsessed with. If you are paying for an app, if you want to resort to an app, and if you want to rely on a piece of technology then it better not be a piece of sh*t.

We deserve better. We deserve smarter apps. We deserve smarter matches. DateMe uses AI machine learning and blockchain to help gamify the system.

Using psychology, machine learning, and distributed trust systems further leverages us to eradicate issues such as poor messaging behavior, fake accounts, and misuse of personal data.

This helps in making the connections smarter, dating precise and cuts to the chase soon. It also helps people find exactly what they are looking for by saving them the effort of sliding in and out of DM’s. This makes smarter date plans and cuts the heartache and the time-pinch of your date not showing up. The dates can be rated, the algorithm will know if you guys met and if not then it will ensure a better match by learning effectively the next time.

DateMe, a dating platform aiming to provide an experience imbibed of rich communication features and interest based matchmaking that stands out in the crowded, me-too marketplace.

This can help in improving the experience and the quality of interaction. No empty DM’s, no deserted dates and one can open a conversation based on liking of food or music instead of saying a “Hi” or a cheesy pickup line. I like this better, don’t you?

Khunsha Javed

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