Dataeum, the Platform Using Crowdsourcing for Data Generation, To Enable 200k Daily Transactions Post ICO

Dataeum, the first ever blockchain based platform designed to generate data sets from users over the internet is merely months away from its Initial Coin Offering. The Platform has been expanding in terms of new alliances being formed, in this very month with the big players like Nucypher, Request, Naviaddress and also its integration with the Bancor protocol providing liquidity for its token XDT. Moving forward, we can expect more names to be added among these alliances as well as exchange platforms which would enable Dataeum’s model to reach approx. 200k daily transactions from the second semester of their activity, which is to be post their Initial Coin Offering.

Dataeum is the world’s first ever blockchain based platform that utilizes crowdsourcing to generate 100% accurate data. The users or as they are referred to “collectors” are a group of distributed collectors who accumulate the data from various data sources i.e. Humans over the Internet. These collectors are given rewards or incentives in the form of XDT tokens. In an email, Dataeum told BlockPublisher,

Dataeum is the first solution which uses crowdsourcing for the generation of physical data (stores, gas stations, road signs, etc). Already tested is three major cities, this solution enables to reach 100% of all global physical data, answering to the current market need and issue, as only 30% of all global retailers are displayed online, and so often with a low accuracy. With our solution, we reach all of the physical data, and with an accuracy close to 100%.

Dataeum also informed that within a few weeks they will also be launching their mobile application to facilitate the collection of data in numerous cities scheduled to happen next year. The goal towards which Dataeum is striving is to build a global community utilizing its incentivizing crowdsourcing solution. Additionally, it will help the community to evolve by offering services as well, whose purposes include, offering opportunities for re-using the tokens earned for several services (crypto bank/payment, or purchase to retailers) and as well to open the community for other services in order to offer to the community to expand its role to other crowdsourcing based solution. It has also licensed its database to numerous companies so they can benefit from the accurately accumulated data.

Even though the pre token sale of Dataeum lies months away, the mobile application of Dataeum has been able to successfully collect most of the physical data in London, Paris, and Barcelona and will be moving to other European cities like Amsterdam, Milano, Madrid in the future. To cater to huge demand for physical data in places like Seoul, Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh, Dataeum will be also be expanding to these areas next year. Their goal for 2019 is to collect 15M physical data and expand it to 50M for 2020.

Hassaan Malik

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