Danger to Your Crypto!

There is a big sad list of threats that can take over your cryptos. The industry is working on it. We repeat, The industry is working on. These things will stream line soon. Okay, things will be good. Better. And cryptos will be even more prized than they are today.

Three obvious and current issues that make news often are all related to the outsiders that like to steal from you. This is done on several stages. It can be through an exchange breakdown, like a bank heist. If the system is shut down it means the armed robbery led to temporary bankruptcy too. If not, then it may be like a petty cash fraud.

The second kind is when a hacker gets into your wallet. This is a way to steal a person’s funds, this is as difficult to do as the whole network it just may catch lesser attention. The hacker enters a wallet, by stealing a private key, then the hacker drains the wallets contents by order himself or herself a chicka or whatever. The criminal then exists with causing no alarms until the whole system is jammed, if the activity is caught or the owner reports the wallet inconsistency.

Getting back the funds, well, we can forget about this solution for now. Because, despite transparency finding the culprit or criminal is going to be hard. But, what will be even harder is getting that money back. Because, it was accessed via the private key after all. So it all seems legit, all rules must be in place but, funky things still happen okay.

There is a modified TrickBot Trojan, called “a triple-threat” because it captures the victim’s exchange login credentials, robs their crypto wallet information and steals their credit card information. How efficient is that for resource planning? Too bad we do not want you to lose sleep at night, find the solution at the end of the page.

What about government regulation? Don’t count on it. It is and it can be next to nothing.

The third is probably the most subtle and stealth one. It is when a criminal tries to infect an individual’s computers or wallet devices with malware. This malware is designed to remain disguised until someone looks with a microscope and meanwhile it secretly steals cryptocurrency. Disgusting. Oh yes we know it. The networks are vulnerable. This means that it will take time until the whole system is jam-packed with security and fool-proof checks.

Cryptocurrency should have been free from any external damage because the volatility and the market conditions were shaky and unstable enough. Cute idea, too utopic. So no, cryptocurrencies are being attacked at left, right, center. No room for more crime but, there still is on the network. Regulations and big names attaching such as Google and Apple Inc will change things for the future of cryptos. For now, You keep your funds safe at night and there is a ton of way to do it. No slacking allowed.

You can read up about it at this post.

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