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CyberMiles is Moving Ahead With Updates in CM Ecosystem

CyberMiles recently launched their wallet’s version 2.0 and for the icing on the cake, they’ve also released tools for development on CyberMiles’ blockchain for CMT blockchain to grow by making the development of dApps easier.

CyberMiles is one of the most promising projects on blockchain at the moment, providing e-commerce solutions on the technology like no one else did. They launched their MainNet on 15th of October last month and have kicked things up a notch since the release. They have released the improved version of their wallet, fixing minor bugs while also increasing the stability. The most recognizable feature that they added is the one where you can issue your own tokens. They’ve literally made it easier for every crypto enthusiast to create his own tokens on CMT blockchain. Users can now create tokens for their business by only a single click. The project on CMT would have to “navigate” in the issue tokens area of the wallet and by a single click, tokens can be issued by whatever name the user wishes.

The CEO of the project, Dr Lucas has tried out the update by making a token called LUCAS, which can be exchanged for a lunch with him. Also, there’s a MAG token, named after Maggie Guan, the General Council at CyberMiles, which can be exchanged for, as the team says “a 10 minute talk with her.”

The second part of the update is the launch of the developers tool kit. App development on blockchain is hectic, and requires a lot of coding on the back end, CyberMiles aims to reduce the hard work by providing the developers with a software development kit SDK. The team is keen to bring in developers and forming a community, and soon after, they aim to launch a new chapter in CyberMiles’ ecosystem. Recently talking to BlockPublisher, Mark Brinkerhoff, the VP of communications of CyberMiles stated,

Beyond engaging more with the developer community, we’re gearing up to announce the next chapter of CyberMiles’ growth and development so stay tuned for more

CyberMiles is pretty keen about the adoption of blockchain and by making it easier for the developers to develop on the CM’s native blockchain, they aim to fuel the blockchain adoption. Showing their concerns about blockchain adoption, they stated in an email interview,

Blockchain has huge, global, industrywide potential. It’s not a matter of if, but when, the technology will go mainstream.

Looking at the development they’ve made since the MainNet launch and their aims for the new developments they have in the roadmap. It might be easy to say that project CyberMiles is on a high flight and it is hoped that for better blockchain adoption and for more development, they achieve their goals consistent with the roadmap.

Shehryar Hasan

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