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Cyber Security and Crypto Acceptance, Suggests President Clinton

Ripple’s notorious conference, the Ripple Swell featured major statements from a similarly major personality, the former President of the United States of America, Bill Clinton. President Clinton focused over the major breakthrough technologies which obviously, included the blockchain technology. President Clinton diverted from the financial debate over to touch some social trends and rules involving weapon possession and similar other matters of critical importance.

As the conference was primarily focused over blockchain and cryptocurrencies, President Clinton elaborated his heart over the crypto regulations and the term, “over-regulation”. Susan Athey, an Economist from Stanford, CA, talking to BlockPublisher describes the President’s speech in her own words.

The President was more bent over to discussing about the cybersecurity and other social norms and regulations but the centre pivot was that we need to incorporate the old technologies, mould them according to the time and reap the benefits out of them.

Bill Clinton turned out to be the cheerer for newer technologies to such an extent that he elaborated over the blockchain technology separately including in the likes of AI and robotics. Clinton described that the more we put the strain on ourselves to develop a certain product, we come up eventually with more variety, and hence, several protocols to deal with the data that the technologies either use for storage or to train themselves. Bill also said:

The more you develop new technologies like blockchain… AI technologies, robotic technologies … the more the disparity of access is going to be felt,

The former President was all in awe about the blockchain technology as it has international applications and immense future aspects. In fact, the blockchain can relieve us of the big data storage and handling with the littlest of time used. Though the President was open about the success and prosperity the blockchain technology is set to enjoy, one cannot map a vintage technology over a newcomer as that would either out date or dismantle even the newer outcomes but would maximize the knowledge for the public and the basic user.

The former President knows about the importance and the immense applications of the blockchain but stated a rather negative side of things. As the President suggests that it can take a massive toll over the progress charts for a specific platform. Bill Clinton describes that although the current system cannot be sustainable for a long-term, the recent political and social norms can take a toll over the platform.

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