Cyber Hacking Group Lazarus Strikes The Cryptoverse Yet Again

With advancements in technology making phenomenal leaps and bounds, cyber crime is no far behind.

According to a latest report by cyber security firm, Kaspersky Lab, the infamous cyber crime and hacking group Lazarus which has been reported to allegedly have ties with North Korea is still targeting cryptos.

As per the report it is no surprise to those in the cyber threat industry that, “the Lazarus APT group targets financial entities, especially cryptocurrency exchanges. Financial gain remains one of the main goals for Lazarus, with its tactics, techniques, and procedures constantly evolving to avoid detection.”

Kaspersky Lab lists out how Lazarus has been active in their cyber hacking mission since November of last year by employing the PowerShell system that allows them to control and overtake both Windows and MacOS softwares.

“They have developed custom PowerShell scripts that communicate with malicious C2 servers and execute commands from the operator. The C2 server script names are disguised as WordPress (popular blog engine) files as well as those of other popular open source projects.” the report reads.

After giving an in-depth analysis of how Lazarus functions, the firm then goes on to advise crypto traders to proceed with caution.

They write,

“If you’re part of the booming cryptocurrency or technological startup industry, exercise extra caution when dealing with new third parties or installing software on your systems. It’s best to check new software with an antivirus or at least use popular free virus-scanning services such as VirusTotal. And never ‘Enable Content’ (macro scripting) in Microsoft Office documents received from new or untrusted sources.”

Last year in October we first reported about this group that has done damage in more ways than one, when they stole near half a billion dollars worth of cryptos.

How long will Lazarus’s reign of cyber terror go unchecked and is there no way to address the root of the problem? Lazarus’s extended reign and the fact that it is still unchallenged points to the hint that it is perhaps backed by a stronger entity. Scams and cyber hacking is a serious problem that still plague the cryptoverse and undoubtedly hinders it’s growth.


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