CryptoTitties vs. CryptoTitties??

It looks like we have a bit of confusion here. So it appears that there are actually TWO kinds of CryptoTitties. They both have the same name and all but they both serve a different purpose.

The first CryptoTitty, which is basically a collectible, are cartoonish boobs made by the development firm called 7th Wave. It started out as a mock at the CryptoKitties but later grew into something else.

When Gilbert, one of the founders, mother’s got diagnosed with breast cancer they decided to find a way to supply cannabis products to women with the disease.

Similar to CryptoKitties, they are cartoon avatars, but of breasts. But here’s what we like, it’s not some misogynistic, female-objectifying collectible because it has both; male-identifying and female-identifying boobs available.

And they come in many numbers. Contrary to the world, there’s more room to be creative so go BYOB – Build Your Own Boobs. Also, there are a variety of colors to choose from!

Unfortunately, it did not light the world on fire and got sold for as little as 0.05 ETH and only 32 have been sold so far, according to Gilbert.

To create the hype, they tried to run a “Motorboat Contest”, where you’d win an actual boat. (So sorry to disappoint you if you were thinking otherwise)

The idea was that CryptoTitty holders would pay 0.003 ETH to vote for their faves. The set that got most votes would win a boat, but 70 percent of the money would go to charity.

Turns out, sales were too low to get a boat so that didn’t happen ever.

The other CryptoTitties are actually a side hustle of a porn-based blockchain called SpankChain.

Around the busiest time of the year for the adult industry, which is January, one very common reaction that ever model had was; what is cryptocurrency? How does it operate?

Spankchain came swooping in to make it easier for people. It is a simple tool to educate, onboard, and reward the community just for getting involved. To encourage people to learn, they created an incentive to learn how ETH payments work and most importantly the benefits of the cryptocurrency to the adult industry.

It is a tricky concept to grasp so CryptoTitties was a tool to help bring models onboard to the whole idea of digital currency and blockchains. To educate them about the power of peer-to-peer money that would be in sync with their current career and lives.

How it works:

  • The company lists pictures of ‘titties’ from performers along with their Ethereum addresses.
  • This allows users to easily tip them through an integrated browser wallet such as Metamask.
  • The pictures are ranked on the basis of the total amount of ETH that has been tipped.
  • All tips go to the models.
  • And to make sure your favorite model stays on top, you are suggested to support them generously to make sure they maintain their rank.

It is a pretty simple idea to wrap your head around but what we have realized is that people are eager to learn but you have to instill interest in learning by giving them some. And, crypto is like a drug, once you get to know it, you get sucked right into the black hole.

It’s a great way to teach people more about crypto. Spankchain is contributing to the widespread understanding and adoption of cryptocurrency in an innovative way. We hope other blockchains could take some lesson and find a way to contribute to the crypto ecosystem.

Until then, keep shaking those titties for some cryptocurrencies!

Soha Ali

As vanilla as it sounds, a filmmaker in the making. Soha brings the irony out of the crypto world by contributing to the Unfiltered section of BlockPublisher. Contact the editor at editor.unfiltered@blockpublisher.com

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