CryptoSpaceX – The Good Sh*t in Blocktown

The worlds first crypto universe is here, it is turn us all nuts with the graphic sneak peaks and the creative story boarding. Oh My! This is peace and beauty to eyes. After so many cartoon objects you can collect we finally have a real game on the blockchain. CryptoSpaceX is a first of its kind Space Strategy Battle game. Powered by the ever so famous and hot fave, developer go-to Ethereum Blockchain.

The players get to explore the blockchain universe, they can wage wars and make other planets their own, they can explore the universe, attack, be attacked, buy rockets, arms and customize space ships. This is what a complete game is, good graphics sitting on top of good varied options.

The first auction took place earlier this year and this has only stirred up even more speculation, whether the graphics are a hoax or is the whole experience going to be this amazing? Well, this is always the risk with such things, blockchain industry really needs good games, we are so sick of the same old collect this and collect that kind.

Every human being suffers from exhausting cycle of needing to find the perfect game, and every time we look for one we get bored with it, start disliking it or lose interest. Things disappoint. AND it sucks.

CryptoSpaceX It is a fusion of Open World Space and Blockchain based Collectible Games. It is such an extensive game that it offers serious interest factor. We were swooning over its first episode and the background or the premise of the game. Great Work you guys!

The main game in a nutshell is to collect planets and starships, attack planets and scavenge for Stardust. Stardust is the economic currency here, but it does not hurt like other crypto ploys. Players are allowed to engage in the pre-unlocked arenas in the CryptoSpaceX universe. This includes the VegasStar. This arena has special mini-games targeted at stress releasing from the rest of the game.

The game features several modular and fully customizable star-ships, battle-stations and battle equipment.

Build your defense base on your planets, protect your Stardust and engage in detailed space combats with planet vs planet and tournament battle modes.

Keep in mind that you are a Rebellion leader sent with one sole purpose—to build a large fleet of starships for the battle that must be. There are others around you but you must not trust—for many have already been consumed by the Evil Forces.

You can even have your own game shop stop or mini-game at Vegastar. You can send them an email at support@cryptospacex.com, the can build on your idea or with you, however you like. I like this decentral approach to gaming, it’s very refreshing, what do you like about it?

Khunsha Javed

A Filmmaker, PR enthusiast & Editor of BlockPublisher-Unfiltered. I like things that make my brain tingle. Email: khunsha@blockpublisher.com or editor.unfiltered@blockpublisher.com

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