Cryptos To Replace Rebound Sex?

The age old dilemma about whether or not rebound sex is the answer to your pain has been hereby resolved! Yes, every now and then we are left with the feelings of low self esteem, numb heart and soul and melancholy. Happens, happens. It is a story we have heard a million times, seen ten thousand movies on and have been tempted a couple of times. It is okay to feel that way.

It is okay to feel vulnerable and lonely. But, this does not mean that it is your best bet. Low self esteem calls for a pump of testosterone. You need good rushes baby. I wonder what can get them for you?

Well, organic happiness is always better. So whether you are pushing your sad a** down the scenic courtship road which is super exhausting or the speedy sex only path, you are in for low satisfaction, too much effort and nuisance.

This is where cryptos come in. They are a fresh and exciting phenomenon. They keep you sharp in the sexy game, being such a hot buzzword to be associated with you. They keep you on fun roller coaster of emotion and temptation that you have never felt before. Investment or trading or betting, whatever it is you are doing, you have not done something similar before and never had experienced anything like this earlier in your life. It can not disappoint you or make you feel unworthy. Do it for the thrills. Because, those wild urges need to be handled with delicacy. You could be on the verge of the defining pivotal point in your young thug life.

We are talking about the story that you see hidden in every other post on your InstaFeed. Heartbreak turnt a person into a stunner. Your school friend is building a new life, with new rules, seeing heights of success in a job nobody thought could be done.

Reinvention is the story of every Millennial. Ever wonder why? Because, productivity is what fuels the human self esteem. The need to be brand new or to find yourself is the living proof of this fact. You do not need no stranger sex man. You need some hot and jumpy cryptos and a wallet to monitor them. True story!

Sometimes it is about a lot more than wounded self esteem and a broken heart. It is about the need to feel something different. Or something at all. Well, this should not be a problem. Because, the cure that people often resorted to was actually inadequate. This is why rebounds leave a bad taste in the mouth of those who resort to it.

Tech has all those surprise and joy elements you need. Even better than only tech is crypto-tech. Earn yourself a reward, have your mind indulge into a new and one of a kind experience and leave all that toxic crap behind.

Sometimes, rebounds look like the only option to feel like yourself again. Although the need to belong or to exist has to come from within, it does look like the easy way out. Sure, you could feel drained or uptight for so long and you need to let go of such garbage baggage on all the stress points in your system; but things do not have to be as ugly. You need to take control of your own life. Do it like others already have started to.

Nobody should have to settle for mediocrity in a world of crazy freaking awesome options. You need a distraction? If that’s what you think is the solution, then go for it baby. But, in reality you need an anchor, a new direction. A new landscape to nurture your eyes, mind and body. Your needs are more intellectual and self subsisting than you think.

Sex, is not the answer to your numbness and the void in your heart. There is another sword that can win this battle with your inner Aphrodite.

Khunsha Javed

A Filmmaker, PR enthusiast & Editor of BlockPublisher-Unfiltered. I like things that make my brain tingle. Email: khunsha@blockpublisher.com or editor.unfiltered@blockpublisher.com

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