Crypto’s Got That Coca-Cola Swag

This is about the coolness of crypto-love. But, love has never been a cool thing. But, who defines cool and uncool anyway. Um, for me, that goes back to school days. Roots of all our cognition develop in the childhood, right. Also, our life long journey helps us in determining what we like and what we do not, all along the way.

However, this only reflects the criteria or a process underlying our selection or choice. Who decided what is cool? While you have ten options to choose from your cupboard today, not all of them may be deemed cool. Not all of them can get the most compliments. Cool is a question of the public perception. A perception that is mostly based on the social packaging of things.

So, before we delve into the cool world of cryptos, we should take a snappy art history class by the iconic designer of the classic Coca-cola bottle, Lucky strike cigarettes, the Schick razor, and Hillman Minx.

The mastermind behind the most iconic designs of 20th Century Raymond Loewy, an engineer, thinker and designer has found the key to the answer of what is cool?

Cool is whatever is – ‘Most advanced, yet acceptable.’ It is advanced which is why it is better. And it is better thus, acceptable. The public appreciation makes it a cool thing, also the fact that it is new.

In the world of smartphones, people did not have a sleek, beautiful and easy to use phone, this is why iPhones became that huge a deal. That  one of the things based on Loewy’s idea of familiarity. This concept is why cryptos are cool. Or anything ever at all has been cool because this has been true about it. Find out what down below:

1. To sell something surprising, make it look familiar:

This was done to Airplanes, Bullet trains and Tall buildings initially. This was done to iPhones when they entered the smartphone industry.

2. To sell something familiar make it surprising.

When tall buildings became popular, they were given weird shapes and was done to high-rise buildings, later generation iPhones and Smart screen televisions.

Back to Cryptos and Cool

The reason why we like things that remind us of our childhoods is partly because we like what’s familiar. We like what was given to us in our early brains when our minds were like dry sponges ready to soak up so much!

So obviously, when I was in my kindergarten years i did not hear about cryptos. Or even blockchain. But, people were just finding out about the internet. After years of floppies and compact disks, we can now just download softwares and what not from the internet. So, things advance and not everything cool is from our childhoods. But, all of this can be reduced to the idea that people like most advanced things. While we have been writing about how it being advanced is why people dislike or fear cryptos, it is also the reason why it is cool. While the technology may have to struggle like cryptos to make their way in the hearts of the users like so, cryptos require to. This is because, while they are familiar, they are also very very surprising.

While they are super advanced, they also seem super complicated. People are too hesitant and lazy to find out. We have also tried to shed some of that, but the idea is a superb phenomenon and needs time to actually settle into the minds of all. So it will remain cool until it is popularly accepted. It is that kinda thing that is cool nonetheless. Big masses of people know it is. It needs no proving. Although it is a lot more than just a cool subject, it is the number one trait why people and celebrities and influencers are moving to it.

Khunsha Javed

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