Cryptopia Gets Green Signal From New Zealand Police to Resume Operations

The cryptocurrency ecosystem is great and all being decentralized and secured, to some extent. It is no secret that few of the components of that ecosystem are susceptible to hacks, like cryptocurrency exchanges. Which brings us to the notorious Cryptopia hack, which went on for longer than anyone expected.

However, according to the recent report by the New Zealand Police, Cryptopia is finally out of danger. And as per the report in the Auckland-based news agency the New Zealand Herald on Feb. 13, the hacked crypto exchange is all set to be relaunched and resume its operations.

Previously, due to the ongoing investigation, not many details were shared with the public. Now that Cryptopia is back in business, the police can give some insight to the public. According to Detective inspector Greg Murton, the main part of the work required by the High Tech Crime Group at Cryptopia’s business premises in Christchurch has been mostly finished. He further claimed that the Cryptopia management now has full access to their facilities and business premises.

The inspector also shared that the police force isn’t preventing the crypto exchange from resuming their operations. However he declined to provide specifications on whether any charges will be pressed or when will they be pressed for that matter.

He further denied on revealing the exact amount of cryptocurrency that has been stolen during the hack, which was first reported last month.

2 Weeks Later the Cryptopia Hack Continues

Despite the police’s statements of Cryptopia being operational again, the company’s website still remains offline at the time being. Apparently it is under maintenance and is citing an official report by the New Zealand police on the investigation of the crypto exchange.

The Cryptopia founders too, have not entertained or responded to any queries on when the website will resume operations. The company’s social media accounts have also remained silent; in fact the company’s Twitter account has been inactive since Jan. 28.

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