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Cryptonex Platform Now Has a Demo Mode Without Real Money Involved

Cryptocurrency exchange platform and payment service provider Cryptonex has announced a new demo mode on its website. This demo mode contains all the new features to be implemented on the real platform except that it does not involve real trade and investment. Its purpose is to give users a complete idea of all the upcoming functionalities being enabled on the cryptonex platform without having to worry about real money.

Cryptonex announced the demo mode for its platform on Twitter in a post and explained the usability of the demo mode implementation which works in the testnet. The post read:

We are pleased to announce that now Cryptonex platform has a demo mode at: demo.cryptonex.org Here you can test all our features without worrying about real money. All cryptocurrencies and tokens on this platform work in the testnet mode.

Cryptonex explained the functionality behind the demo mode which is used to test different features provided in the real state to the user. Based on user feedback and usability analysis, it is then implemented on the actual platform. While talking to BlockPublisher, Cryptonex informed that all new features which are being worked upon by the development team will be initially offered under the demo mode. The platform said:

Firstly everything is tested on demo, then goes to live. All the new features which we are implementing will be initially available on this platform.

The demo mode adds to an already affluent services platform offered by Cryptonex. The new mode enables users to test the latest features freely without worrying about real money being involved. The very ideation was acquired by Cryptonex in the creation of the demo mode. Cryptonex stated:

Cryptonex platform is functioning in its full version. Now users can also test all its features without worrying about real money in the testnet mode.

The demo version of the Cryptonex platform can be accessed here.

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