CryptoShocker: The Girls Club

Undoubtedly, this financial market started much like any other; male and white.

Since it involves a bit of engineering, finance, market and is more tech-savvy, the stereotypical thought made its way and we are left to believe the popular misconception. However, contrary to the popular belief, when Connie Gallippi, the founder of BitGive was asked why there aren’t as many women in this industry, she replied, “actually, there are. They’re just not given the same level of exposure or recognition.” *mic drop*

So, to eradicate this problem – and to make you feel a little more empowered – we bring you to the top 5 women who have taken this business by storm.

  1. Elizabeth Rossiello

    BitPesa is the perfect example of explaining the international reach and relevance of crypto is none other than, Elizabeth Rossiello. It all began when Elizabeth was expecting her second child and was trying to find consultant work. Despite having vast experience in risk analysis and microfinance, not to forget her notable work experience including Goldman Sachs, nobody was willing to hire her as the work involved frequent traveling and long hours of work.

    But she channeled her unfathomable strength and opened BitPesa at the age of 31, which was a huge screw you to all the people that rejected her. Which just goes to show; what kills you makes you stronger. The company allows faster and easier payments between African countries and the rest of the world.

  2. Tavonia Evans

    When she first started with her company, the first person she pitched the idea to were her sons, Saadiq and Errick Jr., which ultimately became the vision of her company. The $GUAP plans to recycle wealth within Black communities using blockchain technology and reward spending behaviors to keep the money circulating.

  3. Connie Gallippi

    Connie got an epiphany when she was washing her hands – surprisingly all Eureka moments happen in bathrooms – in the bathroom at a Bitcoin conference in San Jose, California in 2013.

    She decided that this magical space – the Bitcoin industry – had to be a space for giving and thus deciding to open a philanthropic organization. The vision came complete with a name: BitGive. She insisted that there has to be a foundation that’s giving back.

    Today, BitGive is the number one place to go to if you own some Bitcoin and want to donate some charity. To make matters more transparent, she used the blockchain technology and came up with a new platform, BitTrack that keeps a record to show people who make donations and exactly where’s their money being spent. I think it’ll be really beneficial if Connie could lend us this technology so we can have corrupt free politicians. BUT, its still being tested so we’d have to wait.

  4. Tessa Rinearson

    My fellow readers are going to love this, Tess is a college dropout who made her way into the big business. Don’t go quitting your degree just yet, because strangely this is NOT what led her to cryptocurrency.  Instead, it started from a ski trip where the engineer sitting next to her chewed her ear off by rambling about cryptocurrency.

    After landing a job of her desire collaborated with Girls Who Code, in hopes to bring more women into the field and taught high schooler all ins and outs to this techy commerce.

  5. Elizabeth Stark

    The woman right here is the real deal of Bitcoin. The OG of Bitcoin and everything it stands for.

    The CEO of Lightning Labs. Having a deep interest in protecting digital tools leads us to create and share information when this woman heard about a decentralized company controlled the masses locals? You bet she was all ears!

Women have watched men dominate most of the technological culture and its time to level the playing field so get going my girls!

Soha Ali

As vanilla as it sounds, a filmmaker in the making. Soha brings the irony out of the crypto world by contributing to the Unfiltered section of BlockPublisher. Contact the editor at editor.unfiltered@blockpublisher.com

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