Cryptocurrency – Repercussions to the Already Spasmodic Trend as per the SEC-Winklevoss Situation

World’s largest digital currency, after facing a devaluation to lesser monetary ambit, rises again to claiming an even greater value as the depreciation massacre was courtesy to the Security and Exchange Commission turning down the Winklevoss version of ETF, a duo of them now.

The commission thus cannot, on the record before it, conclude that bitcoin markets are uniquely resistant to manipulation.

The claim was made by the SEC, after dumping the proposal of the Winklevoss twins to run the ETF over their own cryptocurrency exchange, the Gemini Trust. Though the Winklevoss twins are eager to shake hands with the SEC in bringing life to the rejected ETF, analysts seems to nod their heads in disapproval over this turning a reality.

The crypto-market is on go as a global-breakout as it is, put as colloquially as possible, raking the most of it in, lately. We have bore witness to the very surge in quite an on-and-off manner, though, the diminishing behaviour when measured turns out rather a lesser amount as is the opposite trend.

Bullish behavior, a peculiar term associated with the sharp rise through the charts, for the cryptocurrency during the recent chronology of bitcoin. Though the tend with bitcoin currency stays as erratic as ever, the recent SEC-Winklevoss situation doesn’t sell much to the digital currency partisans. But the digging down deep, reveals the SEC hasn’t turned out a Victorian dad to only the Winklevoss Twins as to date, 13 applications for Exchange Trade Funds (ETF) have been denied by the agency including CBOE and SolidX, as reported by CNN Money.

Though financial analysts and the regarding folks deem the arbitrage play a 1-up for the parties involved, but an approval is prone to much greater menace as the digital currency fills the scene. Billing the retraction, a blow to the very first, cardinal trading of cryptocurrency ETF, would be an over statement as it is likely to be labelled as such by the bitcoin investors. Analysts prescribe the introduction of such an arbitrage contrivance to lure major investors in, boosting up the value of the cryptocurrency as it complies with the regulation of bearing always a limited supply.

Albeit, the proposition seems quite striking, the heart of the matter is that the SEC has its hands tied to keep to the route of evaluating an application afore placing the seal of approval all over it, after not sniffing a hint of any loophole. Bitcoin is set to oust the material money turning it obsolete by merely confining to the abstract form of finance but it is yet to commute an Odyssey of the Odysseus, to eventually land on to what the ideology it is given a shape over, suggests.

The bitcoin operates over the Nakamoto consensus protocol which does not put the restriction of any pre-described identities for the involved parties, neither do the protocol require them to verify whether they are trusted. SEC perceives the inclusion of the Nakamoto Consensus Protocol into the bitcoin operation as a considerable escape clause for the folk with the underhanded tactics up their sleeves.

CNN Money further reports that Maxim Nurov, a fund manager at Black Square Capital, is among the flock of the people who have a notion built up that SEC is far away from being willing to support a bitcoin ETF anytime soon. Though the statement is a harsh blow to anyone who feels as if to strengthen the cryptocurrency yielding it a firm liquidity, Nurov describes it so as to justify SEC’s denial as they prefer investor protection which sets right with the fact that the cryptocurrency platform needs to build up more so as to construct the legal premises in order to deal in flawlessly and transparently. The security exchange commission (SEC) responds to an application after 45 days of the sent proposal meaning there might be some proposals to score an SEC approval as the date is due for the likes of VanEck according to CNBC, but Brian Kelly, founder and CEO of BKCM, has deemed the idea of witnessing an ETF approval in the coming year, skeptical. As we hurl ourselves from one end to another in this divisive discussion, there is no denying the rights of protection to a basic dealer when it comes to finance and SEC strives to induce the very aspect into a system before turning it as grand as the proposals strive to.

The Winklevoss ETF was kicked in the teeth, shredded to disapproval as SEC picked out the share cost depended over the Winklevoss Exchange, the Gemini Trust. Crisis, the likes of which are the Nakamoto Consensus  Protocol, lesser transparency, illiquidity sum up to defy the Winklevoss ETF to be operated in its full glory. Though many would present a conspiracy theory as to why SEC is not willing to welcome in such a grand addition to the already established cryptocurrency platform, the reader is urged to stick to measuring the validity of the points, the SEC has summated in its 92-page decision.

Referring to the cryptocurrency platform as a mere digital translation of the actual currency system would be a sheer lapse and going off on the wrong foot in this immense predicament as the digital world has been known for quite sometime to define its own norms to tread on, to follow. The inclusion of an ETF might pile up for a ground breaking advancement in the world of cryptocurrency but owing to the recent snags in the mechanism, it strikes as a potential threat to the involving parties, the ones the system is supposed to be conformed to serve.

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