Cryptocurrency Analysis – Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, BitcoinCash and EOS

1. Bitcoin (BTC):

Average Price: $7,378.49 (1 BTC)

Average Volume: $6,386,210,000 (865,517 BTC)

Bitcoin had another day in red against U.S dollar. Price plummeted after the news from U.S Department of Justice. DOP has opened criminal investigation regarding cryptocurrency price manipulation in market. Regulatory Uncertainty has been pushing the value of Bitcoin down. All major cryptocurrencies are yet to recover from this week’s losses.

2. Ethereum (ETH):

Average Price: $566.30 (0.07675066 BTC)

Average Volume: $458,708,000 (411,605 BTC)

Ethereum dipped sharply against U.S dollar and Bitcoin. Drop of another 1.81% has been noticed in past 24 hours. Recent probe by U.S Department of Justice left a negative impact on prices in all exchanges. Prices are expected to rise for Ethereum as more and more coins join Ethereum Platform for its efficient and smart contract capabilities.

3. Ripple (XRP):

Average Price: $0.605711 (0.00008209 BTC)

Average Volume: $458,708,000 (62,168 BTC)

Ripple recovered fraction of its losses during this week. In past 24 hours, Ripple traded stronger against Bitcoin around 4.14% rise in price. Ripple Technology has been adopted by many companies. Amazon is also expected to join Ripple this year. With retailer Big Gun ‘Amazon’ in action, price is expected to soar.

4. Bitcoin Cash (BCH):

Average Price: $980.27 (0.13285442 BTC)

Average Volume: $802,604,000 (108,776 BTC)

Bitcoin Cash declined sharply today against U.S dollar as well as Bitcoin. Prices has been plummeting since the criminal investigation was started against all scam coins. On the contrary banking app Revolut has added Bitcoin Cash and Ripple to its cryptocurrency feature and this may help Bitcoin Cash to recover from early losses.

5. EOS (EOS):

Average Price: $10.85 (0.00147103 BTC)

Average Volume: $1,558,070,000 (211,164 BTC)

EOS has been trading in red and another 2% decline in price was noticed against the U.S dollar. EOS has been strengthening against Bitcoin and it traded 0.90% higher against Bitcoin. Prices have taken a blow due the probe in price manipulation and scam coins. Launch of EOSIO 1.0 is ready to take place within 2 weeks that will work to convert all EOS original tokens to the new platform. EOS is expected plummet more with other cryptocurrencies

Ammar Alvi

Ammar is a mechanical engineer by profession and holds some investments in blockchain startups like Newtoncoin, Zcash and Monero. Contributes to the opinions. Email: editor.opinions@blockpublisher.com

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