‘Crypto Twins’ Named Official Ambassadors Of Crypto Chain University

The recent collaboration between well known crypto celebs, Xenia and Masha Vyazemskaya and the Crypto Chain University are a testament to the fact that even blockchain based tech can use celebrity endorsements and support to uphold their causes. We especially love the idea behind this noble cause by CCU which is primarily to educate the masses regarding cryptos and promote the industry.

As per it’s official website, it is “one the oldest institution for compilation of Crypto and Blockchain research in the world, and has a database and following of thousands of followers since its founding in 2010 and that it’s aim is “focused on the public policy issues facing blockchain, cryptocurrency and decentralized computing technologies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.”

Now, more commonly known as the “Crypto Twins”, Masha and Xenia have become the university’s official ambassadors to not only promote blockchain and crypto awareness but to also lend their impressive following to the cause since the two are crypto celebrities in their own right.

The twins have a seriously impressive portfolio in their 2 years in the blockchain industry, although they have a background in finance and entertainment, they are well known for their marketing and communications experience in blockchain. Their Security Token Club, which was launched in 2018 has become a fast growing community with over 1000 members globally and is active in Asia and Russia.

According to the founder of the Crypto Chain University, Herbert R.Sim,

“Crypto Twins, Masha and Xenia, share the same vision and values of Crypto Chain University, to propagate and to empower the masses with the knowledge of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, to create awareness of the University’s efforts of compiling global research and making it free-for-all, as much as possible. And because of that reason, the University is proud to name them her new official ambassadors.”

Talking about their take on being named ambassadors for this mission of education and crypto propagation, this is what the Crypto Twins said;

“We have long heard of Crypto Chain University since our foray into the industry in 2017, and are most honored to be named official ambassadors the University, a prestigious institution known for its world-class compilation of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency research papers,” said the Crypto Twins — Masha and Xenia Vyazemskaya.

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