Crypto To Fill Your Existential Void And Bank Account

Uncertainty is the defining characteristic of life. We believe we can take over it. And we are not wrong. Keep up to see it too.

Lives are long. Some plan them, some do not. Everybody has their own version of ‘..that is the beauty of life.’ Ours is simple. The beauty of life lies in transgression. We love pivoting from our original plans.  We love it even better when people do it with us.

What better way to plan for all the uncertainties in life than letting them take their course without interuption or disturbance.

Count all the odds, measure all the contingencies and make no mistakes. No, sorry we are not the kind to live such structured life, with such narrowed goals and reduced lifestyles.

Some people may have been offended by the above idea by the time they read – No mistakes, we got offended at ‘count’. You can not measure, plan, count and avert risks. That takes out all the fun from it. You can not think about your contingencies, that makes you look like a control freak, if you are at heart a control freak then count on us we will tell you a way out.

Life plans start when we are very young. Young life is mostly thug life, unless you are born post the 9/11 attack, not knowing what life was before iPhone’s and the world trade center collapse. Then your young life has remained faster than ever, craziest so far, so many pressures, so much to choose from, all at your thumbs and in your hands.

Either way, crypto fits into your life plan just about right. You do not need to become an investor to gain benefits from it. We only suggest you to loosen up a bit and open yourself to the possibilities out there. The more you will read, the more you will find out that crypto is begging people to make money out of it.

As you begin reading you will find it becomes more and more simpler. We have broken down the process to three steps:

1, The research – You read about it, find it fun, look for more possibilities and get interested.

2. The funny investment – You have been reading about it for a day or two, so you make your first investment, as a joke, for all the laughs during the Friday night drinks. And, it actually reward you. You are amazed.

3. The real investment – You liked your first win, it got you hooked and now you are on to your next. So what’s up yo, are you ready or what? This is great, yay?

You will not even know, it will not even drain your time or resources if you are wise with it, you can play it safe and have fun while you make your $$$ fortune. Whether this is a life long thing, a temporary trend, it is worth a shot. Whether you do it for the rush or for the laughs, it can not hurt right? We are way passed thinking that some robot will steal all your funds, because crypto is better than that. Plus, research always helps. Read, read, read your way to the crypto top. This is going to be fun pivot, can not foresee all the tech advancements, right?

Khunsha Javed

A Filmmaker, PR enthusiast & Editor of BlockPublisher-Unfiltered. I like things that make my brain tingle. Email: khunsha@blockpublisher.com or editor.unfiltered@blockpublisher.com

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