Crypto Needs More Education, Jonha Richman

The widely sought question about whether blockchain is ready to be widely adopted and if it will ever be, let alone in the near future, has been asked for the past many years and only continues to be asked more. While opportunists and visionaries in-charge at technology firms listed in the prestigious Forbes 500 have already started development and see themselves a step ahead of others when widespread adoption does come, mainstream interest and mass adoption is probably still decades away.

In this regard, many experts cater to their own ideologies and opinions. Some are bullish and prospectuous while others rather bleak. Some, however, are true realists and understand what is required, when it will happen and how it will be. One of these realists entrepreneur and adviser at blockchain firms like Polybird exchange, Miss Jonha Richman. Talking to BlockPublisher, Jonha revealed that the space needs more education and bigger budgets before it is ready to be served out to the people. She said:

Defo [definitely] more need for education. Though I think just like most tech (remember mainframes), those with bigger budgets will adopt at much faster, more scalable rate, then they will be rolled out to masses.

Education has been a major concern regarding the space as a whole. There have been seminars, conferences, developer meets and other several platform for inculcation to those interested. However, there is little and close to nothing for the common man and mass consumers. It is why, most do not yet know of blockchain and cannot envisage how it works. Jonha agrees to the notion and stated her verdict that it is not ready for adoption yet:

Current state: I don’t think it’s ready for full mass consumer adoption yet.

Jonha Richman is an entrepreneur and adviser at blockchain and hyper-growth tech firms on public relations, marketing and content strategy and is currently serving as an advisory board member at Polybird exchange in New York. A greater conversation with Richman is to be published soon on BlockPublisher.

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