Crypto-Marketing Ain’t A Piece Of Cake!

How do majority of the crypto startups fail and never make it big? Lack of communication and delivering what has been promised plays a huge hand in this. Majority of the times the products are not executed how they were supposed to be and some do not even release a product in the market. While some products release a product that is probably not even in demand by the market and they suffer a loss.

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On the other hand some take too much time in perfecting their product that by the time it is released there is someone else sitting on their throne.

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So, what can you do?  You follow these tips and be the huge success you are meant to be!

Avoid Keywords

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It is very important that you communicate with your targeted audience and keep it all simple.You know? Use simple understandable terms. Don’t go crazy with the dictionary!

There is no need for going into unnecessary technicalities, keywords, high-end vocabulary. Make your campaign easier to understand and the purpose for your product, your company. You can make it visually appealing and by using simple terms that can be understood by everyone, even the non-crypto users in the world.

How Can Your Product Help?

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Every firm does a market research before launching their product, and they all try to make sure that their product is unique and has a USP (unique selling point). Just like that, you have to provide the audience with:

  • Why is your product important?
  • What good will it do to them?
  • What is the concept of your product?
  • What made you come up with this business idea?

Even the product with the most invested money tends to fail if they do not match up the requirements of the audiences. You need to prove to your audience that what problem will your product help them solve.

Background Check

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Always be transparent with your audience! Let them know who you are and what is your background. There is no point in putting up a masquerade. Your aim should be that how will you fulfill what you have started. Once you do that, you will get the support of the audience automatically. So, be straight up and don’t let any skeletons from the past ruin your progress! Honesty is the best policy, remember that!

Top Notch HR

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Since you are at the initial stage of your crypto start up, make sure you hire staff with creativity skills, social media marketing skill and always remember to have a crisis management team. Have someone with professional PR skills who can help you make more contacts and present a simple positive image in the market.

Be as creative as you can, think out of the box to establish yourself. Do not over-crowd your office, recruit whoever is required and has a specific task to fulfill. As they say too many cooks spoil the broth. We believe that’s true.

So, do you have any other marketing strategies in mind and was this article helpful? Let us know your thoughts on this piece. We’d like to know what you’re thinking!

Maira Zaheer

I love to write and channel my feelings into words. I'd like to quote my favorite author and poet. Who has taught me every word matters. “let me live, love, and say it well in good sentences” - Sylvia Plath. I'm here to fill your lives with some crypto-gossip. Contact the editor at editor.unfiltered@blockpublisher.com

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