Crypto Loves Its Fans More Than the Players!

When I first started exploring the involvement of blockchain and cryptos in the sports industry, I couldn’t come across much. But then I stumbled upon this thread which made me realize that cryptos were knee deep in the sports industry. They were truly working for every aspect of it and coming up with things that help its people to the max.

How thoughtful!

There’s so much that I have discovered that I wanted to cover this in separate posts because each one of them deserves its own space and time. Plus, too much information can cause an overflow.

There are some blockchain companies that are dedictated towards consumer satisfaction and they are doing so by making them part of the experience.


This was the first sports community for fans and hence deserves to be on top. The first one to bring a complete fan experience. It allows fans to follow their favorite sports cars, club or brand while they get rewarded for every action on that platform. Every like, share or content contribution is rewarded with a FAN token which is obtained by them through a blockchain system, and they can exchange them for a special experience, merchandise, tickets, or fiat money. This is an extremely effective way to market your product while making it seem that the consumer is getting more out of it.


Much similar to what our Fan360 does, this provides it’s fans with a framework in which they can use token within the sports ecosystem to which they can contribute as well. This, in turn, creates a feedback loop that incentivizes the community to be part of the social conversation that they depend on for an optimal sports experience. It uses the concept of “mints” that allows third-parties to distribute FanChain token that is signed by a specific sports team, league or event.


They are bridging the barriers between the fans and athletes, by establishing new channels of interaction. At the heart of it all is cryptocurrency called the Jetcoin. The fans invest in their favorite champions and stand to gain from their success.


Another blockchain based on the reward system; it provides multiple ways for fans to contribute to content creation, knowledge share and building communities. It uses blockchain to decentralize and aims to be the preferred currency of choice globally.


It’s a place where both the creators and curators get rewarded. Community members get rewarded for posting, voting, commenting and uploading photos. It’s a way to increase social media appearance and encourages information to be regulated online.


This is the best app for all fans out there. It is the smartest way to obtain an authentic and personalized autograph without going through the trouble of standing in lines and shoving people to get to the fan. No need to radically jump on to the field and run towards your favorite star. Just participate in major events like concerts, matches, Formula 1 and MotoGP races. It’s an exclusive asset which is backed by blockchain technology.


Looks at the (token)stars, look how they shine for you and everything you do…

Yeap, it’s a starry night full of dreams when you have ways to access a deeper interaction with your stars.

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