Crypto Is For The Generation That Loves To Twerk!

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Understanding Cryptos Through Dance Evolution. Cryptos – A silly nostalgic dance, in thirty years? 

The generation who loves to twerk is the boldest one yet.

Some call it dance porn. Some call it the crazy rave dance that belongs in the jungles. Some call it the ugly possessed hip Jambo. Problems, problems everywhere. We keep it simple here. The story of Twerking is very much like the story of cryptos. Both are seen as devilish, sinful and obscene changes that people are quickly becoming used to, losing morals simultaneously. But, all of these views, they are lies. The biggest similarity between the both is not that the same set of generations enjoys them and the same set of generation dislikes them. It is actually that these two delicacies of a free and fast moving liberated world, are both the most misunderstood and underloved concepts.

So yes, put your sexy shades on, because we are talking some real glam business here. And by the end of this read, you will be twerking with us too. Get ready to pour some in the hottest wallets ever too!

The troubled relationship of this dance move with all other generations that came before millenials shows the need for it. The relevance of it to the child of the future is immense. It is like the many movements in history that have changed the outlook of whole industries. The have changed whole societies. Big words? Word. The relationship of twerking to the critiquing skeptics is pretty much synonymous to the relationship of technology and the unwelcoming older users of it. 

The world remains confused, until people like you and i try to crystallize ideas for it. Nobody likes to do all the mental processing on their own, people like being handed opinions. It is easier for them to accept things that way. Controversies, lies and conspiracies win over truth because believing the saucy stuff is much more easier. And lesser effort obviously.

But there is more to cryptos and twerking. There is more to the matter as to why people reject them – A lot more than the fact that change is hard on some. The more is evolution. People find evolution disturbing. They find it disturbing because while it introduces them to newer ideas, it also means that a part of them is old. Outdation is what people are afraid of. They are afraid of not being able to Twerk in an appealing way. They are afraid of not knowing how to flaunt their crypto investments and imagine it must be really tough to get used to the investment lifestyle.

People call things name. They are gonna call them anyway. Why bother falling for them when you know better?

The waltz was considered an indecent dance, when it first came out. Oh yes that’s right, people hated it.  A man and woman publicly clutched each other and moved around the ballroom, how terrible. Jazz and kicking off heels was seen as something even more obscene. The Elvis pelvis of the 50’s, Horrendous! Absolutely Horrendous. The dirty dancing move that had people blushing – the twist, was bashed for being as shameful as shamelessness could get. The lambada, or the forbidden dance was seen as same, gore and profane.

Computers were bad. Internet was worse. Emails and webcams spread the most profanity in the society, introduced the scary online dating world to young fragile souls. Then came Tinder and Facebook and MySpace. Everything has once been bad. But, in retrospect, do we hate it all? So should we hate cryptos?

We leave answering that up to you. Do let us know! Please, we love feedback. 

Khunsha Javed

A Filmmaker, PR enthusiast & Editor of BlockPublisher-Unfiltered. I like things that make my brain tingle. Email: khunsha@blockpublisher.com or editor.unfiltered@blockpublisher.com

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