Crypto Investors Think They are the Creme De La Creme of the Finance Industry – Here’s why

We are now indulging in to explore why do crypto-owners feel so proud. Especially, the early movers, the first and second generation of crypto investors.

This is a weird subject. People who make high sums of money from creative and sometimes almost twisted methods are seen as geniuses. The praises seldom help them in remaining humble.Sometimes, they turn into fools who think they are entitled to everything. But, more so often they begin to think of themselves as an awesome superior race.

Hey Vintner, give us one of those pride shots please! In fact, make it too, we are really trying to understand how things work around here, thanks!

So what makes them feel so proud? Here are a few pointers that we came up with:

They are the lucky ones

They took a risk, it worked out, gave them more economic power and resulted in some status climbing. They feel like they have earned the success, which they have, but by doing what? Okay, maybe that was hard and really tough. But, if others can do it equally well then it does not make them a creative genius. Well. That is debate-able.

They tried out something new

Do you have any idea how hard it is to try something new out? how hard is it for your to ignore your favorite entrée at the bistro you love visiting every now and then. Can you resist the temptation of ordering the same course over and over just to try out that crazy looking item that may or may not be good enough? You might need to argue something like that, whereas the crypto investors, Woah! they are way ahead of you and me in this ‘trying out new things’ game.

They helped in setting a trend

They gave a hip thing the initial trust it needed. The first generation of crypto investors get immense support from all okay. This is because they helped push the currency, the trials were run on them and they eventually were left to boast about their role in the movement. So why not! It is their only right.

The market relies on their Intel

So yes, they made a one off successful deal. In some case made successful deals multiple times. In other cases, multiple successful deals, offered some consultancy on several others and worked two jobs to make feed this passion crypto. So have they earned it yet, we think so!

Fed the elephant

Feeding cryptos in the early days was like feeding elephants. And if they did it right then, even thought the currency was cheap back then, things may not have been as smooth and tidy. Nobody trusted in cryptos like people trust today. Nobody invested in it, no guidance, no literature, no company and mostly no major luck until popularity hit the markets.

So they let the industry stand on their toes, tweak its own issues and become the huge growing market that it is today. Why wouldn’t they be happy?

Khunsha Javed

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