Crypto-Illiteracy: Why don’t you donate to Charity than investing?

Charity is better than investing.

Oops. Too many problem, too little time. Let’s see if we can debunk all, shall we?

Getting right into it here is a scenario: You share your plans of investing in cryptos with your family and friends and somebody says, ‘why don’t you invest in charity and good karma instead,’ it is better in my uncalled for opinion. Well, we all have that one pokey relative.

But, here are all of the issues with that suggestion.

Problem #1: Cryptos are not a lost cause, if that’s what you mean by this.

For someone to quickly comment that please do not invest in cryptos, spend money at a charity as they will appreciate it and you will get well wishes and feel good feels, it takes a lot of nerve. I mean who made you the boss? Do you even know how and what the investment will be like? And, what tells you that the money will be a dead end at cryptos? Where do you get your expert opinion? Honestly? Are you f*cking stupid?

Problem #2: Shouldn’t I get to decide what i would like to do with my money? Hello? Give me some space.

If not, and you are telling me what i ‘should’ and what i can do with my money, then what on earth are you, what has gotten into your brain or have you always been this kind? How does your family take it? However they do, i will not! Give a woman some space will you!

Problem #3: Charity is not investment.

Okay so just in case, let’s give them the benefit of the doubt, they might think that you think that a better investment would be charity. Just in case they, do not understand a simple rule that the risk in an investment means profit or loss then let’s explain it to them. Charity means giving away or donating money for altruism. Investment means profit or loss at a later stage. They are not nearly the same thing! They can not be!

Problem #4: Charity can be done in cryptos as well:

Just in case, they are suggesting that charity is what should be done, there are blockchain based charity organisations that are far more transparent and far more safer than our regular average charity choices. So one can resort to them for charity right.

Problem #5: You barely understand cryptos and you think you can add to the conspiratorial connotation around it?

Back to what i really see the logic behind such tone and the real context is their lack of understanding of cryptocurrency, their thinking in terms of the legitimacy of them. The lack of the knowledge, well we have the entire website dedicated to it.

Problem #6: Are you even listening?

So yes, a little bit of all of these make up their stance, but then if they still try to rub their opinion in then hey, are they even listening to you? Plus, if anyone came to the conclusion that they feel like investing in some cryptos then why not, i mean they must have done their due homework right? This is likely to mean that we have an agreement or reached a side, we are not thinking really but up for it. So think and read between the lines please!


Be Learned!

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