Crypto For The Finger Licking Foodies

Did anyone say pizza?

Fear not, food/crypto lovers. You’re in luck, if you’ve been wondering how to satisfy your growling stomach or your mid-night craving. We bring you a finger-licking (dropping a hint, right here) list of food items you can purchase through your virtual wallet. Just click, tap and wait for the magic to arrive at your door step or at your table, as long as it arrives on time, right?

While, the cryptocurrency legitimization is still under due inspection in many countries. It hasn’t stopped major business from integrating cryptocurrency as a payment option, because the truth is no one wants to stay behind, and everyone wants to join the cryptocurrency bandwagon. Who cares if its for promotional purposes? If you get to order your favorite pizza topping, the stars are already in your favor.

KFC Canda

The Colonel welcomes cryptocurrency with open arms and isn’t holding back on his satirical sense of humor.

The #Bitcoin Bucket, for $20 offers 10 pieces of their finger-lickin tenders, waffle fries, gravy, a medium side and 2 of their delicious dipping sauces. The company even vowed to deliver it its loyal customers. Even though it was a limited time offer, the company has left a hint that it’s just the beginning. So, you better keep an eye for future promotions!


The famous sandwich chain Subway has happily joined the crypto-currency bandwagon and is becoming increasingly popular among the crypto-fans. Allentown, Pennsylvania (USA) is one of the first franchises to accept crypto-currency as a mode of payment. This might be the best option if you’re trying to keep the calories at bay! So, get your sandwich loaded with your preferred sauces, don’t forget to miss out on your veggies and be a part of the revolution!


Dominoes, Papa Johns and Pizza Hut are now accepting Bitcoin. Yummy news, right? But, don’t go rushing to your favorite app right away! The catch is, pizzaforcoins.com is a credible platform for ordering your cheesy-delight. It essentially serves as a middleman and facilitator for cryptocurrency payments for your desired pizza takeaway. It completely depends on your location. If there is a pizza-chain nearby, the higher the chances that you will be facilitated.

It’s just like every other food ordering website, all you have to do is type in your details, choose your desired pizza-chain and you’re done. The fun part, all the prices are displayed in BTC and the menu is a direct reflection of the menu of your favorite pizza-place.

What could be a better way to get rid of all the loose crypto-change jingling in your wallet? If there is such a thing!

Maira Zaheer

I love to write and channel my feelings into words. I'd like to quote my favorite author and poet. Who has taught me every word matters. “let me live, love, and say it well in good sentences” - Sylvia Plath. I'm here to fill your lives with some crypto-gossip. Contact the editor at editor.unfiltered@blockpublisher.com

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