Crypto Exchange Gemini Introduces Mobile App

As the popularity and acceptance of Bitcoin and its fellow cryptocurrencies grows in number, so do crypto exchanges, which are an integral part of the entire ecosystem. But unlike the exchanges that come with the traditional fiat currency, that aren’t as convenient and require physical presence, the crypto exchanges are more up to speed when it comes to being convenient for the users.

And while it is true that the underpinning technology of Bitcoin, the blockchain technology seems to be working on the lines of “out with the old and in with the new”, it isn’t taking away our cellphones just yet. Instead, the whole crypto ecosystem is working on minting its position in the palm of our hands. With that said, the crypto exchange Gemini, has decided to join forces with cellphones, by launching the Gemini Mobile App.

Gemini CEO and co-founder Tyler Winklevoss, believes that in their endeavor to build the future of money things like developing a licensed cryptcurrency exchange that provides the users with security when it comes to buying, selling and even storing cryptocurrencies, and a trusted regulated platform, while necessary, are not entirely it. The future of money is in fact both, digital and mobile and that is the belief that the crypto exchange is materializing.

Key features of the Gemini Mobile App

The good thing about the new app is that whether you are a crypto expert or just a newcomer, the whole exercise of engaging with crypto has been made easy, without compromising on the security. In addition to that, here are some more nifty features of the app.

Buy and Sell on the Go

If you can take food on the go then why not crypto? With the new Gemini app you can trade cryptocurrency on the go. It allows users to deposit funds in to their respective Gemini accounts and buy and sell cryptocurrency with just one swipe.

At a Glance: Market Prices and Portfolio Value

The moment you download the Gemini app, you’ll be able to check prices for a given cryptocurrency and also access historical price data for Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and Zcash. And this doesn’t require you to be a registered customer.

Set Price Alerts

Alerts aren’t always annoying; in some cases they can be actually pretty useful especially when it comes pricing. With Gemini’s app you can get set alerts that will send you push notifications, whenever a price moves above or below a certain price point.

Set Recurring Buy Orders

You have the luxury to turn on the ‘Recurring Buys’ feature to repeat an order at any frequency, time, and amount of your choosing.

Buy the Cryptoverse

We don’t mean the entire actual crypto universe. The cryptoverse that we are talking about and which you can buy is a basket of cryptocurrencies available on Gemini.

We spent the last three years building the world’s most trusted cryptocurrency platform and today we are excited to extend it into your hands and allow you to engage with cryptocurrency wherever you are and whenever you want

 Shared Winklevoss.

You can download the Gemini Mobile App from the Apple App Store here or from the Google Play Store here.

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