Crypto Enthusiasts Vote Over What Exactly Is Fuelling the Recent Crypto Rift

The recent double digit bloodbath for most of the cryptocurrencies has induced a major crypto sell off. The sell off does not only owe its occurrence to the massive crypto plummet but to the factors that brought the crypto devaluation in the first place. A recent poll conducted by the founder of the Morgan Creek Digital, Jason A. Williams showed that most people resort to declaring every down for the crypto markets, a reason for the sell off. Though the recent crypto plummet has turned to double figures, crypto fanatics regard to the situation that this is just the beginning and the future is all set to shine bright. The voting is still on for the people to jump in and offer their opinions as of time of the writing.

The poll had other three options to pick from including the SEC’s verdict over the ETFs, the Goldman Sachs situation and the Shapeshift news, with all of these being hailed as the primary causes of the recent crypto sell off. People are being cautious of their financial inputs to the crypto realm, not sure what the future holds for the crypto marketplace. Although there has been a great deal of devised plans for the crypto market to flourish and nurture to an eventual maturity, what the incumbent authorities have to say about those reforms is a matter around which sheer vagueness circles.

Unclear paths and a weak roadmap are the factors that the SEC and other official institutions pick up on, except from the crypto platform lacking maturity. The Founder of ONCHAIN CAPITAL, Ran Neuner classifies a strong crypto company form a ‘broken’ in his statement over his recent chat with the company which just conducted an ICO. The ICO did raise a decent amount but the company eventually ran out of the money that was raised in the beginning. This hints obviously at the fact that the crypto market and the crypto companies have to act in a rather mature and professional way to give their users the purest and the calmest environment possible.

Just spoke to an ICO that raised $27m less than a year ago and has run out of cash.
Me: How?
Them: We went to conferences and events ,paid each time to be there and we paid raise fees.We spent $13m to raise $27m. We spent the rest on building tech.

The crypto hate is ominously dangerous for a brighter crypto future as it can put a stop to the users who come floating in to invest their share to the crypto markets. Nevertheless, there is another ETF exclusive to bitcoin featuring Coinbase partnering with BlackRock which surely is a good omen for the crypto universe. We are officially on the route to one day seeing a cryptos working with the Wall Street, not on the far end of the waters. Though the Goldman Sachs stunt is a disappointing one, this move just might get accepted by the SEC (fingers crossed) and get to operate with the Wall Street operations. Crunching hunches is all we can do till the day is upon us.

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