Crypto Drama Ensues After Crypto Trader Exposes Ex-Girlfriend On Twitter, Still No Hots For Bitcoin?

Valentines day may be right around the corner, but not everyone is feeling the love! If you thought the Cryptoverse was devoid of drama and crazy crypto celebrities, well you were wrong!

The world of Blockchains and Crypto may be a technical art, but it can become extremely messy when the people in it drag it into their breakups. That is what happened when prominent crypto mentor and trader, Philakone exposed his ex-girlfriend’s identity on Twitter after she allegedly broke his heart as he claims she had only been using him for his money.

Philakone began the conversation by ratting out and absolutely humiliating his former girlfriend, Sarah Josephine for being a gold digger. Ouch!

Source; Chepicap.com

Sarah herself responded to this by denying the accusations against her and even put up screenshot of their previous conversation as evidence of him “Liquidating himself” all by himself.

Source; Chepicap.com
Source; Chepicap.com

Talk about some drama! But of course it doesn’t end there!

Poor Phil didn’t stop there and continued exposing other elements of Sarah’s life, her real name and her home address! He also made the mistake of adding insane amounts of money next to the tweet and made it look like he wanted to acquire the services of somebody who could “take care” of the situation.

Source; Chepicap.com

To which his estranged girlfriend also took it up a notch and proceeded to share his contact details as a rebuttal to his deeds.

Source; Chepicap.com

He further accused Sarah of being the reason of his breakdown and stated that she had broken his heart when he realized she had been using him for monetary gain.

When he realized that he had taken it much to far, the crypto trader quickly apologized and issued this tweet which, like all his previous ones have now been deleted!

Source; Chepicap.com

The self proclaimed crypto trader has since then presumably taken the high road and is working on himself as can be seen by this recent tweet.


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