Crypto-Bots Are Ready To Battle, Claim Yours Now!

If you weren’t living under a rock for the past 2 years, you would remember all the crypto-hype in 2017. The astonishing rise in the Bitcoin rates, episodes of sudden enrichment and the financial ruin of players and investors in the crpto-stocks. We said it before, we’ll say it again. The crypto-world is full of risks! Either you can win or you can lose everything. You have to rely a bit on intuition and a bit on your analytical skills.

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Does it remind you of something? Yes, it does. Stress those neurons! It should remind you about casino and computer games! Now there are crypto-casinos and it has a whole new type of hype around it!

New Entertainment In Town

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As the world now wholeheartedly accept the era of the blockchain with open arms. It does not come as a surprise that the gaming industry has followed into the steps. Right now, its the most trendy IT-subsection. There have been several attempts to implement smart contracts into entertainment games were made. The games were still too unpolished, because of which it wasn’t possible for the players to stay in for long.

At the beginning of 2018 a game based on the blockchain technology was launched. It has taken all the best ideas from the popular game “CryptoKitties” and has eliminated some of issues faced by the users.

So, what is this new game?


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Unique Bots

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CryptoBots is a game where anyone can buy their very own unique bots. It’s actually a very fun multiplayer online game based on the ground breaking blockchain technology.

Basically like other crypto-assets. The bots are your property too! Buy them. Sell them. Exchange them like any other conventional collectors items. It’s up to you. You’re the owner. It’s because of the introduction of the blockchain technology that makes the entire game super reliable and the process of tracing ownership extremely secure.

How To Build Your Bot Army For Battle?

Step 1: Collect and Trade

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All you have to do is buy and sell you bots based on your own preferences to make your very own unique collection.

Step 2: Manufacture

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You can create your own unique bots to replenish you collection!

Step 3: Tournaments

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You will have to start joining Tournaments. When you join a Tournament you have the opportunity to win new and unique bots to add to your collection.

Step 4: Trade Items

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You always have the option to buy items for your bots. Buying these bots will make them more special than the other bots in the tournaments. Your bot will be extremely unique and special, like none other.

Step 5: Recycle

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With time the bot you are not fond of anymore or just find useless can be disassembled. This option is always available. The great thing is, once you disassemble a bot you can create a completely new and better one.

Step 6: Upgrade

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The game is going to allow you to improve your bot and make them more powerful than ever by upgrading them. This way your bots will have an edge in the tournaments you play in.

So, are you ready to begin your battles?

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