Crypto & Blockchain Recap: 5th December, 2018

Here are the highlights of some of the recent happenings of the crypto world that you probably need to know about.

Blockchain in Medicine?

MediBloc, which is a Korean based blockchain startup, has now partnered up with one of the top hospitals of the U.S., Massachusetts General Hospital, so that effective ways of storing and sharing patient data can be found.

The partnership is made to explore innovative ways to provide health information exchange. Currently, the patient data kept by hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, research bodies etc. is separate. Each entity maintains its own record.

The distributed ledger technology underlying at the core of blockchain technology can surely prove to be beneficial in this regard.

Central Ethereum?

Although ethereum proposes a decentralized world, it might just have a centralized point of failure in its framework. In the current ethereum framework, Infura, a technology which handles somewhere around 13 billion code requests every day, might just prove to be that centralized point in the ethereum network.

The Infura service is offered by a single provider in the ecosystem, the development studio of ethereum ConsenSys. It is also thought that the majority of the dapps in this ecosystem are supported by Infura.

The release manager of the Parity client Afri Schoedon expressed his opinions regarding the need of a decentralized alternative to Infura some time ago. The co-founder of Infura Michael Wuehler also seems to be on the same bandwagon as Afri, because if Infura shuts down, it could prove to be catastrophic for the dapps in this ecosystem.

Parity technology also released a code library which allows the developers to build their own light clients, and as a result of this, the need for relying on Infura is taken out of the equation.

This issue needs to be solved as soon as possible because the very essence of the blockchain and crypto world is decentralization.

ConsenSys’ Approach?

The well-renowned development studio of ethereum is looking to adjust the way it operates in order to remove its dependence on the crypto market prices, as reported by CoinDesk.

The founder of the development studio Joseph Lubin told the news source that a refocus in priorities is being made. It is now suggested that the firm will now focus more the projects that present forward a viable business model instead of focusing on the cool ones.

While many other crypto startups have started laying off employees owing to the bear market, ConsenSys has not yet taken any such step.

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