Crypto Artist From France Receives 1 BTC Worth Around $4,000 From Anonymous Tipper

Cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin have become a popular way for people to regain their sense of autonomy and even support communities and individuals that deserve it. Cutting out the middleman has never been easier thanks to the underlying decentralized technology behind cryptos.

The cryptoverse has also become an inspiration and mode of artistic expression and communication as according to a report by CryptoNewsZ, Pascal Boyart is a street artist from France with a twist in his artistic expression. Boyart is also a budding crypto enthusiast who loves spreading the message of the blockchain through massive murals on political and social issues that he leaves on buildings.

The premise of his work is simple; to spread and inculcate appreciation and an understanding towards blockchain based technology. This demystification of the cryptoverse is done by hiding a private key within his very art that also contains a prize. The prize is for anyone that can find the key and solve it. The artwork also includes a QR code which has another key, but this one is public and it leads to his wallet where Boyart hopes his fans and admirers will send him donations in way of appreciation or support.

Boyart is also quite active on the Reddit crypto community and recently gave us all quite some shockig news via the platform. An anonymous tipper gave his recent work a generous tip of a massive $4,000 worth of Bitcoin.

As per the report, Boyart had this to say;

“Yesterday I received one bitcoin on my street art QR codes donation address! After one year and three frescoes in Paris: 1.14 BTC received + 5 BCH and 1.5 LTC in total! Thanks to the crypto community for your generosity, this space is full of surprises…Can’t wait to do more murals to spread crypto!”

The idea behind Pascal Boyart’s street art is fascinating and after his recent donation quite inspiring. He gets other more influential people to sponsor his hidden private key puzzles and once people solve them, they receive values such as the latest 0.26 BTC he got Alistair Milne to sponsor.

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