Crypto and Cannabis, Lost Siblings?

The cannabis industry hasn’t had it easy and crypto is right along its side.

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Both have had its share of celebrity endorsement. All in all, both are on the same road and both share the failure to gain mass adoption. The two industries are like strangers and can be each others shoulder to lean on. Since, there is true potential for a cross-industry collaboration.

In so many ways, the crypto and cannabis world are a lot alike more than you can imagine!

Both Are Horribly Misunderstood

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Talk about the investors, they are awfully speculative and cold towards the crypto and cannabis world. Mostly because of volatility. Both these worlds share the same murky watera and it’s hard for the investors to gauge the depth. No, one wants to invest huge bucks without knowing the risks. We can’t blame them. Makes all the sense in the world. After all, money is not grown of trees right?

So Much Discrimination!

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The only place that tolerates the rant of these industries is Twitter. Cryptocurrency just received a warm welcome to advertise back on Facebook, after it was banned for a while. While, the cannabis industry was never allowed to advertise on Google and unfortunately crypto was banned to advertise on Google in the month of June 2018. All in all, both are struggling to make their mark in the advertising world!

They Are At The Uncool Table At The School Cafeteria

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The cannabis gang sits near to the rear exit. The crypto-clique swats around within an ear’s shout from the jocks of the Wall Steet. The Wall Street jocks have it all and sit right in the middle of the cafeteria. Cannabis and crypto are not cool enough to be invited to sit with the jocks. But, they are trying their best to find their way to the cool crowd. If they try too hard, then they’ll end up looking like wannabees! The trick would be to stay cool and hip!

They Have Passion

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The blockchain and cannabis industry have the strongest force fueling them. PASSION! Both are pushing for mass acceptance. One is hoping that its taken seriously by the investors and institutions. While the other is desperately praying that the government treats it with softer policies and restrictions. These industries are trying to make the life of it’s users easier and better. We’re rooting for these industries to conquer!

Emerging Industries

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Cannabis and cryptocurrency are assets that belong to a fairly new emerging industries. They are working towards a mass acceptance, and are everywhere and readily accessible for the retail investors. It’s exactly why both have huge potential for profitable trading and investing. As these industries are growing and will mature with time. They will be finally invited to sit at the cool table!

In our eyes they’re cool anyways!

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Whether you believe it or not! Both are strong economic forces that are not ignored anymore. Even the entrepreneurs and savvy investors are making their moves to find their way into these industries. That’s progress! All we have to do is wait and watch how the cards are played by everyone.

What do you think the future holds for these two industries?

Maira Zaheer

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