Crypto Analysts Discuss Prospects Offered by Blockchain Regarding Elections

Blockchain technology is being adopted by various industries across the globe as of now. But can this technology be used to eliminate problems related to the governmental procedures, such as elections? The answer is a definite yes.

Talking to BlockPublisher, crypto analyst Eric Thies stated:

I see its potential to solve those transparency/operational issue across many governments.

One of the stand-out features offered by the blockchain is transparency. Blockchain employs distributed ledger technology (DLT) at its core and as a result of this, all the nodes that are participating in the network have the access to information about all the proceedings that are taking place on the network. Everyone has a record of what has happened. All the operations happening on the chain are visible to all. As a result of this framework, the entire system is transparent. Auditability can be significantly improved as a result of this workflow.

Voter registration process, which is one of the most important aspects of an election, can also be revamped using this technology.

Blockchain can completely help solve the issue of rigging that is associated with elections, especially in the third world countries. Rigging has been one of the major issues that raise allegations regarding the credibility of most of the elections that happen in countries like Pakistan. With a transparent system in place, blockchain can completely help overcome this issue.

In addition to transparency, conveniency regarding the elections can also be provided to the citizens of a country. Voting through smartphones can safely be enabled if a proper framework is built upon this technology. This also comes off as great news for the citizens of a country who are staying abroad at the time of elections. The ability to vote through smartphones can enable the population to vote more easily and as a result of this, more and more voter turnout can be extracted.

Cases across the world are also arising where blockchain technology is being used for conducting elections. West Virginia is already planning to employ blockchain technology in its midterm elections of 2018 for providing soldiers serving abroad with the ability to participate in the elections. From the security point of view, facial recognition is being used in the framework to ensure complete trust.

Despite all the prospects offered by the blockchain, there are still a lot of issues associated with it. Concerns like the usage of faulty or malware infected mobile phones for voting purposes still need to be handled.

Eric added:

Of course no system or network is perfect and there will always be corrpution (part of the human condition), however it would solve a very clear problem for elections, and more.

But if these issues are handled properly, blockchain could completely revamp the electoral systems across the globe. When one might see it happen, that still remains to be a question at large.

Talking to BlockPublisher regarding the time frame for blockchain being used for electoral purposes, David Gokhshtein, the blockchain advisor of Linda coin, stated:

Not anytime soon. Maybe 10 years from now.

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