Crypto & 2019 – What to Expect?

2018 could not prove to be as beneficial for the crypto world as expected. But as we move into 2019, what should we expect regarding this world? Is it going to boom, or is it going to be another dreadful year? Here’s what you should know.

The cryptocurrency world is still in its nascent phase. Developments are being made day in and day out. Moving into 2018, both the crypto and the blockchain arenas deserve attention. Firstly, regarding cryptos, one of the most important developments to look out for is an exchange-traded fund (ETF). Up until now, a crypto-linked exchange-traded fund has not been approved by the regulatory body in charge, the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Owing to this, a large amount of institutional investment money is sitting on the sidelines which is expected to flow into this world if this possibility is turned into a reality.

Once a crypto-linked ETF is established, the institutions will have a secure layer to get involved in the world of cryptos. Bitcoin might see a price spike as a result of this step but as of now, there are a lot of shortcomings associated with it that act as hurdles in the way of the approval. These hurdles include volatility, liquidity, custody, manipulation, illegal activities etc. These issues need to be fixed as soon as possible in order to develop a general sense of trust regarding cryptos among the official bodies.

Platforms like Bakkt are also likely to be in the spotlight for the next year. These platforms will help develop a general sense of trust. More opportunities will be provided to the people to get involved in crypto. If cryptos are to incorporate into the major financial framework of the world, such platforms carry prime importance.

Regarding blockchain, the focus will be on the game-changing decentralized apps. Decentralization is claimed to be the future by some, but the arrival of a big and revolutionary decentralized application is still pending. One of the major issues associated with the world blockchain is scalability. Both bitcoin and ethereum process fewer transactions per second than VISA. If the decentralized world is to evolve, this issue needs to be tackled as soon as possible.

All in all, 2019 is going to be one interesting year for the world of cryptos.

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